The Disco Turntable carnival ride has been a hit with the public since its debut. Whether at an amusement park or fairground, the equipment is one of the most popular amusement attractions. Why is tagada disco so popular? Here are three reasons for your reference.

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1st Design

Distinctive Design of Tagada Disco Ride

In contrast to thrilling amusement rides such as drop tower with swings and giant drop towers, the disco turntable amusement facility does not have any safety devices. Actually, the players sit on the sofa of the turntable, form a circle. When the strong music sounds, they break free from the gravity uncontrollably with the bumps of the turntable. In the meantime, visitors experience the vertigo as they spin with the turntable. What’s more, the appearance of a tagada ride, with its bright colors and dazzling lights, creates a vibrant visual effect.

Middle Size Tagada Carnival Ride

2nd Safe

Safe Amusement Facility Disco Tagada

As you know, there are no safety devices, such as safety belts or safety bars. But the tagada funfair ride is certainly safe for visitors. The bottom of the disco turntable is covered with protective pads, and the surrounding guardrails are covered with colorful protective sponges. Therefore, the areas where the body can touch have a gentle, soft protective layer to ensure the safety of tourists. This allows passengers to ride the disco tagada fair ride trustingly.

Middle Size Tagada Carnival Ride
Thrill Tagada Ride with Attractive Design

3rd Visitor

Tagada Suitable for People of All Ages

Why is tagada disco so popular? Another important reason relates to the users of the machine. Unlike the small roller coaster amusement equipment for children, and the big swinging pendulum ride for young people and adults, a tagada is suitable for people of all ages. Both the operating frequency and the operating intensity are adjustable. Besides, protection in the cockpit realizes the purpose of no hard surface and no hard corner coverage. As a result, such equipment can allow different tourists to ride.

To sum up, TR disco tagada rides for sale are worth the investment. This machine will certainly attract more visitors. If you are interested in amusement park thrill rides, feel free to contact us at any time.

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