Mini Ferris wheel for sale is a small-version of the classic amusement park full-size giant wheel. It is designed for children and for use in places with limited space. Also, it’s the best choice for investors who have a tight budget. These smaller Ferris wheels typically have a lower height, fewer gondolas, and are slower in speed. Therefore, this amusement equipment is suitable for young riders and families. If you want to buy an observation wheel, there are may ways for your choice. But if you have custom requirement, you can choose a Ferris wheel manufacturer like Dinis. Here are the details on the kiddie Ferris wheel for sale for your reference.

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How Large is a Mini Ferris Wheel Ride?

A mini Ferris wheel for sale requires a smaller area size than a giant observation wheel. So how large space should you prepare for this mini giant wheel? Actually, it depends on the capacity of the wheel ride. Our company produces two types of kiddie Ferris wheel for sale. One is a single face Ferris wheel mini ride, the other is a double face small Ferris wheel.

Do you have idea of which type of mini ride on Ferris wheel for sale is fit for your occasion? If not, feel free to contact us at any time. We will give you professional advice.

How Much Is a Mini Ferris Wheel?

How much would it cost to buy a kiddie Ferris wheel? Is that your biggest concern? Actually, the cost of a mini Ferris wheel for sale can vary widely based on several factors, such as size, design, capacity, manufacturer, materials, and whether it is new or used.

As a Ferris wheel manufacturer, we only sell brand-new kiddie wheel rides. Among so many factors, the capacity and design of our mini wheel for kiddies mainly affect the price. Generally speaking, Dinis mini Ferris wheel cost ranges from $9,000-$28,500. You should note that it is not the final price. We also offer discount on the backyard Ferris wheel. Moreover, additional requirements can also affect the price.

To get an accurate quote, welcome to send inquiry to us. Let us what capacity and style of a mini Ferris wheel you want, and if there are any additional requirements. So that we can give you an accurate free quote.

Is it Possible to Install a Children’s Ferris Wheel In Backyard?

Yes, of course! Actually, a mini Ferris wheel for sale is also known as a backyard Ferris wheel for sale. And we have clients from Indonesia, US, Portugal, Iran, Brazil, India, Philippines, and Canada who bought a mini Ferris wheel for backyard. So it’s possible to install a mini wheel in your backyard. But before proceeding with this idea, there are several important considerations to take into account.

You have already know how large area a mini Christmas yard Ferris wheel requires approximately. Then you should ensure that your yard has sufficient space for the mini Ferris wheel model you select.

Check with your local authority if you can install amusement rides in residential areas. Some places have strict regulations for the installation of amusement equipment in residential area.

Our child Ferris wheel is equipped with music system. In addition, it is a kind of observation wheel. So consider the impact on your neighbors in terms of noise, visual impact, and privacy. It’s courteous and often necessary to discuss such installations with your neighbors and possibly obtain their consent.

Professional installation is crucial for a structure like this. The installation process may involve preparing the ground, ensuring level and stable foundations, and possibly even using cranes or other heavy machinery.

FRP Gondolas and Quality Steel of Mini Ferris Wheel for Backyard

A mini Ferris wheel for sale is versatile. In addition to yards, it is fit for other indoor & outdoor places, such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, scenic spots, fairs, resorts, restaurants, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, parties, etc. Where do you plan to use it? Tell us. We can give you advice on the selection of amusement rides. For a children amusement park, consider a kids Ferris wheel, a frog hopper carnival ride, a mini amusement ship ride, and a small coaster for theme park. Furthermore, if needed, we offer CAD park design. Warmly welcome to send inquiry to us.

In conclusion, a mini Ferris wheel for sale is worth investing in. It costs less than a big round wheel. So a mini wheel carnival ride can be the optimal choice for small amusement park owners or buyers with limited budget. Moreover, we also sell portable mini Ferris wheel. It is mounted on a trailer, easy to move from one place to another. If you prepare for carnivals, this mobile Ferris wheel is the best choice. Moreover, in our company, you can find different designs of kids Ferris wheel with a capacity of 10/12/20/24, such as clock-design wheel, flower basket-design wheel, and cartoon frog-design wheel. Additionally, we offer customized service. Logo, color, capacity, size, and additional requirements all are acceptable. Feel free to let us know your needs.

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