A mechanical bull, often referred to as a rodeo bull or bucking bull, is a machine that simulates the experience of riding a bucking animal, such as a bull or a horse. It was originally designed for training rodeo riders the proper techniques of bull riding. However, over time, an inflatable bull ride became a popular entertainment device. And the bull machine is often found at county fairs, streets, bars, clubs, parties, amusement parks, carnivals, and events because it is challenging, portable, and affordable. Both investors and tourists love the inflatable bucking bull. Are you looking for mechanical bull ride for sale? TR mechanical bull manufacturer give you the quality products at factory price. Here are details on the artificial bull ride for your reference.

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How Do Bull Ride Work?

The structure of mechanical bull rides is simple, mainly consisting of a mechanical base, a rodeo bull model, and a control box. So how did such a simple device throw riders off the bull backs? This is due to the internal structure of the rodeo mechanical bull ride for sale, including the gearbox, spin motor, and sensor. With these mechanical components and systems, it’s challenging for players to stay atop the fake bull.

Where to Buy a Mechanical Bull Ride for Sale?

“Where can I find a mechanical bull?” This is not just mechanical bull riders’ concern, but yours who are buying a mechanical bull, isn’t it? Actually, the versatility of a portable mechanical bull makes it possible to be used in almost any indoor and outdoor places and any events. It is certainly an investment worth investing in. So where to buy a mechanical bull ride? Here are several methods for your reference.


Directly buy rodeo bull from a manufacturer that specializing in creating amusement rides and equipment. These companies will offer new, stat-of-the-art riding bulls for sale at factory price. TR is such an amusement park rides manufacturer. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Specialty entertainment companies

There are companies that focus on providing amusement equipment for entertainment businesses, such as party rental companies or amusement parks. They often have mechanical bull ride for sale along with other types of amusement attractions.

Online marketplaces

Platforms like Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon sometimes have listings for mechanical bulls. When purchasing through these platforms, be sure to check seller ratings and reviews to ensure you’re buying from a reputable source. You can also find our company in Alibaba. Contact us to get the details.

Used equipment sellers

It’s possible to find used electric bull riding through online classifieds, auctions, or companies that specialize in selling second-hand amusement equipment. Buying used can be more affordable, but it’s important to thoroughly evaluate the condition and safety of the blow up mechanical bull.

Now you know where to buy mechanical bull. No matter how you end up buying the equipment, take into aspects like quality, price, and certificates into consideration.

Image Gallery of Inflatable Mechanical Bulls

What’s the Mechanical Bull for Sale Price?

The bull ride machine price is probably the first consideration when you make up your mind to buy rodeo bull machine, isn’t it? So, how much is a bull riding machine? Actually, the rodeo bull price varies with manufacturers. At the same time, it is influenced by many factors, such as the bull model design, size, productive material, customization, shipping, etc.

As for TR mechanical bull ride for sale, its price ranges from $2,200-$3,500. It is the price for one set including a blower, a machine bull, a control box and and a mat. And sizes of the machine bull and inflatable cushion determines the final price. It’s worth mentioning that the fake bull model of our rodeo bull for sale can be sold alone if needed. In addition, if you have any special requirements (size, color, logo, etc.,) feel free to contact us. We can customize the bull ride machine for sale as you wish.

Technical Specification of Rodeo Bull for Sale

Voltage Power Bull Size Cushion Size Material Warranty
220/380V 1.5KW 2.2mL*1.1mW*1.6mH 5m (customizable) FRP+Steel 12Months

FAQ about Mechanical Bull Ride Sales

A: We usually ship goods by sea. And if needed, we can ship our bull ride as your requirement.

A: Our inflatable mechanical bull for sale is usually packed by bubble wrap, wooden case. If needed, we can pack the goods according to your requirements. We will try our best to let you receive the riding bull for sale in good condition. Additionally, if the goods you receive have defects or we underdeliver some components, please contact us in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution.

A: The bull riding machine for sale is a small-size mechanical ride, unlike a large amusement park Ferris wheel. So the delivery time won’t takes up too much time. Generally, we can ship the product in 7-10 days after payment. Furthermore, in our factory, there are mechanical bull sales in stock, which can be shipped in time. Do you need this? Let us know.

A: As for the terms of payment, we usually accept TT & L/C at sight & Western Union (30% deposit and 70% balance paid before shipment). If you have other payment method, let us know. We check whether it is feasible.

A: Yes, of course! We support 12-month warranty and life-time technical support. Any problem you encounter with our bull rodeo machine, just contact us.

A: You can tell us where you are from and what qualifications does your country need for imported amusement equipment. We have ISC, CE and other certificates. And we have exported rodeo bull riding games to many countries, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Dominican Republic, India, Russia, Australia, Spain, Zambia, Honduras, etc.

Packing Picture of Electric Bull Ride

Package of Bull Ride Machine for Sale
Pack Inflatable Mechanical Bulls for Sale in Carton Box

To sum up, mechanical bull ride for sale is one of affordable and versatile portable carnival rides. It offers a unique blend of fun and challenge, making it popular at a variety of events and locations.

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