Top spin ride for sale is big amusement park equipment. It is popular with visitors from around the world as it gives riders an exciting and memorable experience. So a high quality, cost-effective space travel equipment is worth the investment. Do you have an idea of buying top spin fair ride? If so, you can buy one from TR. Prices vary depending on the capacity and decoration. Here are the details on the TR top spin carnival ride, for your reference.

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Thrill Top Spin Ride for Sale for Adults
Thrilling Top Spin Carnival Ride for Sale for Park

What’s the Main Structure of Our Top Spin Ride?

In general, the main structure of our top spin ride consists of stand columns, grade beams, counter weight arms, and a gondola. The stand columns and grade beams are the main supports for the ride. Therefore, we use four steel plates of thickness 12mm and weld them together for each of the stand column and grade beam, in order to ensure the stability and safety of the top spin ride for sale as it is in operation. To support the stand columns, we also design several steel bearing frames around the column.

In addition, each counter weight arm is welded by four steel plates. One end of the arm is connected to the counter weight, which is made of concrete, and the other to the gondola. Furthermore, there is a hollow steel cylinder between the two arms as a support. With these major steel structures, our topspin ride can operate normally and steadily.

The Working Principle of a Top Spin Suspended Ride

Two alternating current motors distributed on either side of the counterweight arm transmit power through a gear reducer, which then drives the rotation of the slewing support through a pinion connected to the output shaft. Hence, the slewing support attached to the swing arm can drive the arm to rotate 360 degrees. At the same time, the gondola, which has two rows of back-to-back seats, also rotates itself by gravity and inertia. By the way, the auto-rotation is irregular, so passengers can feel a constantly changing sense of weightlessness and vertigo. Therefore, our suspended top spin is suitable for both youngsters and adults who dare to challenge themselves.

4 Types of Top Spin Rides for Sale

In order to meet the needs of players of different ages and buyers, we design four top spin rides with different capacities and sizes. You can buy the right size machine based on your actual situation.

6 Reasons for Buying Top Spin Fair Ride from TR

There are many companies selling top spin rides for sale at home and abroad, so why can you choose TR as your cooperative partner? Here are six reasons why our new top spin is worth the investment.

A top spin ride for sale is a type of crazy thrill ride. So you may be concerned about the safety of the rider. Proudly, you don’t have to worry about the issue if you choose TR spinning top ride. That’s because we design the device with dual safety protection to keep riders safe, a mechanical safety bar and a safety belt. And compared with a pneumatic safety bar, the mechanical one we use is more secure. By the way, our topspin ride has brakes on both sides to ensure the device is stable when passengers get on and off.

High quality top spin

TR top spin attractions have a service life of at least twelve years because we use high quality materials and components. We produce FRP by ourselves. It is corrosion and water resistant and has good insulation properties. In addition, we use Q235-B international steel, which has good strength, stiffness and plasticity, to make the main frame of the top spin entertainment equipment. As for the important electrical components, we buy premium motors and gear reducers to drive the equipment.

Our top spin ride for sale looks beautiful in bright colors because we use professional automobile paint. And if you need it, we can change the colors and decoration of the attraction ride as your request. Furthermore, to create an incredible atmosphere and attract more visitors at night, we equip the top spin No. 1 with an abundance of LED lights. At night, with the lights shining brightly, the ride looks pretty gorgeous.

By and large, our top flip ride can carry many visitors at a time. You can set the runtime through a control cabinet. Imagine the considerable benefit a cost-effective top spin amusement equipment will give you in a day if installed in a place with a heavy foot traffic!

One-stop service of top spin ride

Our sales team provides you with professional pre-sale consultations, order follow-up and intimate after-sale services. Once you choose us, you will not worry about follow-up work. We guarantee on-time delivery and you must be happy with the TR top spin fair ride.

The suspended top spin has a simple structure and is easy to install. You simply assemble the components based on the installation videos and drawings we send you. And it will only cost you a few days. So you can start your business and make money as soon as possible. Any problem you encounter with our ride, feel free to contact us at any time.

In short, a TR top spin ride for sale is worth investing in. We also have other thrill rides such as roller coasters, disco entertainment rides, tower rides, etc., and family rides such as train amusement rides, carousel horses for sale, bumper cars, etc. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us.

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