The samba balloon amusement ride is a family-friendly attraction commonly found in theme parks, carnivals, and funfairs. Due to its hot air balloon-shaped gondola, people also call it hot air balloon amusement equipment. Additionally, it looks similar to a samba tower ride but is more moderate. Overall, the amusement samba balloon is a fun and engaging attraction that offers a combination of mild thrills and interactive play. And you won’t regret introducing this family friendly attraction to your park. Here are details on samba balloon ride for sale for your reference.

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Hot-selling Samba Balloon Ride in 2024

Two Usual Sizes of Samba Balloon for Your Selection, Choose the Most Appropriate One for Commercial Use!

When considering the addition of a balloon ride to a commercial amusement setting, it’s important to choose the right size and capacity to maximize profitability and guest satisfaction. You should consider factors such as the available space, expected visitor demographics, and throughput requirements when making your selection. Our company offers two capacities of the samba ride. Here are details for your reference.

6-arms Samba Balloon Ride

6-radial Arms of Colorful Samba Balloon Attraction

8-arms Samba Balloon Ride

8-radial Arms Commercial Ride Amusement Samba Balloon

Which size air balloon carnival ride is your best choice? In conclusion, when selecting a samba balloon ride for sale for commercial use, you should carefully know your specific needs.

  • The 6-arm model is a space-saving and budget-friendly option that delivers a charming ride experience.
  • While the 8-arm model offers greater capacity for busier venues.

Both sizes balloon rides provide a visually appealing centerpiece to enhance the family-friendly atmosphere of any amusement settings.

2 Types of Samba Balloon Ride for Sale, Park Type & Trailer Type, Which One Is Fit for Your Amusement Venue and Occasion?

Where are you going to place the commercial ride samba balloon? Amusement parks, carnivals, theme parks, fairs, zoos, family entertainment centers, or other amusement venues? This question is important because it can determine what type of balloon ride you buy. There are typically two types of configurations for the family amusement ride: the park type and the trailer type. Each serves a different purpose and fits different operational needs.

Park type samba balloon ride suitable for fixed installation

The park type balloon kiddie entertainment equipment is designed as a permanent installation for amusement parks and similar fixed locations. It provides an immersive experience that adds to the park’s atmosphere. Therefore, if you are looking to create a staple attraction, the park model samba balloon ride for sale is perfect for your needs. This anchor attraction will be a consistent draw for visitors. Additionally, if needed, we can customize the balloon rides to match your park’s theme. Feel free to let us know your requirements.

Trailer type easy move portable amusement samba balloon

On the other hand, trailer-mounted hot air samba balloons are specifically designed for portability and ease of setup and dismantling. This variant is ideal if you host or participate in temporary events such as carnivals, fairs, and festivals. The easy portable kids samba balloon carnival ride is mounted on a trailer. So it’s easy for you to transport the mechanical equipment from one location to another. This type of moveable amusement ride offers flexibility and ability to attend various events throughout the year.

In conclusion, when deciding between the park-type and trailer-type samba balloon rides for sale, consider the permanence of the installation and the need for mobility. For a fixed amusement park or family entertainment center intent on expanding its permanent offerings, the park-type balloon ride is the most suitable choice. Conversely, for businesses that operate on a seasonal or varying schedule with events in multiple locations, the trailer-type is the optimal option. Because it provides versatility and convenience for changing venues.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Commercial Ride Samba Balloon Amusement Attraction?

The cost of a commercial samba balloon amusement ride for sale varies based on design, seating capacity, and installation type. It generally ranges from approximately $10,000 to $21,000. Samba rides with elaborate themes or higher seating capacities generally cost more. As for the installation type, a park-type balloon ride tends to be cheaper because it does not need a trailer. On the other hand, a trailer-type one may cost more but offers mobility and easy setup.

However, the above price range is not the final pricing. Our company also offers attractive discount! Contact us to get the latest free quote!

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