After you’ve confirmed the park space, you can start designing you park and working with the amusement ride manufacturer. Do you know how to build 500sqm amusement park? Here are the general steps for building a park and recommended rides for your reference.

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6 Common Steps to Build an Amusement Park

It is the first step for any amusement park business. Now that you have confirmed that the park is 500 square meters, then you can proceed with the following steps.

Different rides are suitable for different age groups. So you should have an idea of the target market of your park. Totally speaking, a park that caters to people of all ages can help increase the foot traffic to your park.

Design and plan your park layout rationally based on the park space and target market. You can design it by yourself, find a design company, or work with an amusement park ride manufacturer.

Quality product is key to the success of an amusement park. Therefore, choose a reliable and strong manufacturer who can provide you both thrill rides such as swinging pirate ship amusement equipment, pendulum carnival attraction, etc., and family rides such as crazy bus fairground entertainment equipment, samba tower swing ride for sale, etc.

Install the amusement rides based strictly on the construction drawings. That way, you can ensure the stability of the equipment and the safety of your visitors

Park rides operators are important to your amusement park business. Make sure they know how to operate the ride correctly to ensure visitor safety and avoid accidents.

CAD Amusement Park Design for Customer

What Types of Rides Can You Buy for a 500 sq.m. Park?

A 500 sq.m. amusement park or theme park is a small-scale park. But with comprehensive research and professional design, it can be a popular place with the public, especially families. In addition, there are different designs for the small park. So you have a wide selection of different types of amusement park rides for sale. You can directly find a manufacturer who can not only provide you with high quality amusement facilities, but also park design.

TR is one such manufacturer. We have more than 20 years of experience in the research, design, production and sale of thrill rides and family rides. We can provide you with a free CAD park design. For a 500 sq.m. amusement park, we have several designs. And here is one of the park designs with recommended rides, for your reference.

5 Recommended Rides for a 500sqm Amusement Park

It is kids’ favorite. Hence, it will certainly attract more families with the little ones to your park! Besides, if you buy from our company, you can also get CE or UL air blowers and repair kits.

Carousel is a must have for any park business. What’s more, it is increasingly common in indoor places such as malls or children’ centers. Hence, a carousel ride is certainly a good investment, and people of all ages will love it.

It is a simple trampoline for everyone. It includes fences, nets and ladders. As a result, people can exercise their physical coordination through the trampoline equipment.

It is outdoor playground equipment. As children’s favorite equipment, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. So if you have an outdoor slide in your park, this part of your park must be the children’s world!

Batter bumper car

A bumper car is also necessary for your park business, especially a battery one. There is no need for a special ground. So, you can place it on any flat, smooth surface. By the way, based on the park size, we recommend five bumper cars. Dodgem rides collisions is where the fun is.

By the way, the above rides all are available in a variety of designs and types. You can contact us for a catalog. Custom service is also available at our company.

Now you must have a general idea of how to build 500sqm amusement park, and which types of amusement park rides to invest in. If you are interested in our park design and amusement rides, feel free to contact us at any time!

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