Now you have a 2000-square-meter venue, and you want to start a business in the venue. Then, without further hesitation, invest in an amusement park business. That’s because the amusement park business still has a broad future. And an amusement park or theme park can be a popular place with the public. So what types of rides for sale are good choices? Actually, it depends on the layout of the park. So you can find a strong, professional manufacturer, like TR, that can provide you with both park design and quality rides. Here is a park design for a 2000sqm amusement park for sale with 11 fun rides, for your reference.

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11 Recommended Rides for a 2000sqm Amusement Park

A 2000 sq.m. amusement park must be a fixed location to run a business. So we suggest you to invest in the ground-grid electric bumper car. You can buy ten cars for a 200-square-meter area. There is a need for a special floor which is composed of several steel plates. Therefore, it is best to build a shed to protect the bumper track from rain or snow. What’s more, this type of dodgem car is electric, so players can drive it at any time as long as there is a steady supply of electricity.

A romantic horse carousel is a must-have at any amusement park or theme park. Also, nowadays, you can even find a proper-sized merry-go-round at malls, restaurants, stores, and any indoor and outdoor place. So, a fun carousel horse ride is perfect for any business. Also, it’s necessary for your amusement park to have a such fun ride that is popular with people of all ages.

You can also call it a chain carousel amusement ride. It looks like a sky flyer swing ride, but is much lower and more kid-friendly than that. Riders sitting in chairs will get a sense of freedom.

Disco tagada

The disco tagada fair equipment is a thrill ride popular with adults and children alike. It attracts visitors because of its unique design. The gondola is a big turntable. Besides, with the vibrant music and strong movement, riders will get a complex sensation of jolts and spins. They will certainly have a memorable experience!

It is a favorite facility for families. Each aircraft gondola is equipped with buttons. So people can control the lift and descent of their gondolas themselves. As a result, they can enjoy flying planes.

The thrilling park pharaoh’s fury ride at this size is suitable for all ages. Its unique design entices visitors to try it out. In addition, as the ship swings back and forth from slow to fast, riders will feel constant weightlessness.

It consists of a round platform, upon which are mounted three hubs, each bearing three two-person cockpits. In terms of the design, it looks like a break dance fun fair ride, but gives riders a different experience. For the crazy dance thrill ride, the passenger seat will continue to shake 360 degrees, which is exciting and fun.

Slide dragon roller coaster

This amusement park thrill ride is a type of small coaster amusement facility. For a 2000 sq.m. amusement park, a small roller coaster is enough. What’s more, groups, especially families with kids, will certainly want to play one one time if they try to ride the roller coaster.

This unpowered equipment can exercise people’s balance and physical coordination.

Players can improve their team-working abilities with this equipment.

The rainbow slide consists of many colorful components that made from PE. For your park, you can plan a 220-square-meter area to install a 100-meter-long, 2.2-meter-wide rainbow slide. Passengers sitting in the slide cushions can feel the wind blowing in their faces.

Is the design for a 2000sqm amusement park for sale what you want? If yes, contact us and start your business as soon as possible. If not, you can also tell us about your needs so we can design the park and change the rides to meet your needs. By the way, both thrill rides and family rides are available at our company. Custom service is also available. Hence, don’t wait any longer and contact us at any time. We look forward to your inquiries.

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