Disk o magic is one of the most popular amusement park thrill rides with the public. It mainly consists of two parts, a crescent-shaped track, and a big UFO turntable. Passengers sit on the edge of the turntable with their backs to the center of the turntable. Then the turntable spins on its own and slides back and forth along the track. This unique movement leaves passengers deep impressions and attracts them to try it again. As a result, a disc o ride is worth the investment. And then, do you know how to maintain disco ride to prolong its lifespan so that it can bring you more benefits? Here are several tips TR advises for your reference.

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General Maintenance Requirements

Employments with certificates should be required for maintenance operators.

During maintenance, there should be no less than two operators.

Keep the maintenance records for a long time. Besides, sign the records for confirmation.

Status Monitoring of Disco Ride

Monitor the mega disk o anytime during daily use. Therefore, you or the operator should have a basic understanding of the equipment, so that you are able to find abnormalities in the disco ride, such as abnormal sound, abnormal vibration or shaking, abnormal operation, abnormal tilt, and excessive swing. Once you find any abnormality, stop the operation in time and solve the problem.

Disc O Ride Popular Carnival Ride for All People

Regulations for Restarting the Disk O Coaster after Shutting It down During the Season

  • If you want to restart the diskride that is shut down for more than one month, then you should carry out inspections to make sure its normal operation.

  • In order to ensure the safe and normal operation of a flying saucer ride and prolong its service life, carry out regular maintenance, cleaning, lubrication and other work. Furthermore, if the machine is not in operation for a long time, it’s better to add a protective cover to the exposed part. This way can prevent the disk coaster from the sun, rain and dust pollution.

  • Drain the water in compressor if the disko ride is out of service. Lubricate the mechanical parts to prevent the equipment from freezing and cracking due to cold weather.

  • Lift the turntable rollers off the track and lubricate them.

  • Regularly carry out inspection and testing on vulnerable parts of the disk o ride, such as rollers, sliding blocks, etc.

Lubrication of Disco Ride

As for the slewing bearing, roller bearing, and drive gear, lubricate them once a week with 2# lithium base grease. As for the reducer, its 20# industrial gear oil should be replaced every 6 months. Besides, replace the reducer when its temperature exceeds 80°C.

Rustproof Steel Construction of Disco Ride

The above is several tips on how to maintain disco ride. Normal operation of the amusement attraction is about the safety of passengers and the future of your business. So pay attention to that! We will send you related documents. And feel free to contact us at any time if you need help.

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