A pirate ship amusement ride is a type of thrill ride. At the same time, it is as common as a roller coaster ride or a Ferris wheel at an amusement park, theme park or fairground. To meet the market, professional manufacturers have designed and produced different types of pirate ships in large and small sizes. If you are about to add more fun to your business, consider buying a pirate ship ride from a reliable manufacturer like TR. Here are the details of the pirate ship ride for your reference.

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Why Is Our Pirate Ship Amusement Ride Attractive for Visitors?

From the day the pirate ship amusement ride was born, its exterior design has attracted the attention of tourists. The exterior design of the traditional swing boat ride is manufactured with reference to the appearance of pirate ships in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Captain Phillips.

In addition, influenced by films and books with references to pirate ships, there is a curiosity about pirate culture. Because pirate ships are the means of transportation used by pirates for their robberies, they sometimes take on mysterious overtones, such as being associated with ghosts. Therefore, as an exciting carnival ride designed and produced on a model of a real antique pirate ship, the swinging pirate ship ride is stimulating and ornamental enough to be popular with adults and kids alike.

Moreover, TR, a professional manufacturer has designed and produced different types of pirate ships to meet the market. So our swing ship ride is not only in an American Indian tribal style, but in other styles as well. If you want to add more fun to your business, this pirate ship swing ride is a great choice.

What Experience Does the TR Pirate Ride Bring to Your Visitors?

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Our pirate ship amusement ride is a mechanical swing ride for sale. After it starts, it swings back and forth. With the reciprocating swing from slow to fast, your visitors feel as if they are in a stormy sea. Sometimes it rushes to the top of the wave and sometimes it falls to the bottom. In addition, passengers sitting in different positions of can experience different degrees of weightlessness, which challenge their limits. In short, our Viking ship amusement ride will bring your visitors a memorable experience and entice them to ride again.

How Big a Pirate Ship Do You Need for Your Business?

Our pirate ship pendulum ride is easy to install and is suitable for most places such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairs, parks, backyards, shopping malls, etc. As long as you choose a suitable location to install it, you will get a steady stream of income from the equipment. In short, choosing the right size swing boat ride is the first thing to start your business.

Big pirate ship amusement park ride

Generally speaking, a swinging ship ride, capable of carrying at least twenty-four riders, falls into the category of huge pirate ship. This amusement mechanical machine is a popular attraction at amusement parks, theme parks, fun fairs, parks, carnivals, fairgrounds, and other locations with enough space to install a big pirate ship. And our pirate ship amusement ride can be a fun and exhilarating experience for those who enjoy amusement park rides.

At TR, you can find a 24-passenger pirate ship ride for sale, a 32-people pirate ship ride for sale, and a 40-passenger pirate ship ride for sale. And theses sizes of swing boats for sale occupy different areas so you can choose one to your actual situation. By the way, if you want a larger one, it is also possible for us. That’s because we are a professional pirate ship manufacturer to produce a Viking ship amusement ride as you wish. So please feel free to contact us at any time.

Small pirate ship for sale

In addition to the big pirate ships, a small pirate ship attraction is also worth the investment and necessary for your business. As you know, a huge pirate ship at an amusement park usually has a requirement for the height of the riders for their safety. The little ones in a family usually can not ride a huge, thrill ride. Therefore, to meet the needs of children and families, we have produced small pirate rides.

Generally, a 16-passenger swinging ship ride, a 12-passenger pirate boat ride for sale, and an 8-passenger swinging boat ride all fall into the small pirate ship category. They fit almost anywhere because of their size. Families are sure to fall in love with the device. Besides, our pirate boat ride with a capacity of eight or twelve has another name, mini pirate ship ride. It is also a swing boat kiddie ride. Kids really love it and it gives them the feeling of being on a ship at sea. And this ride is exciting enough for them.

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Where to Buy a Pirate Ship?

There are many amusement ride manufacturers all over the world. Choosing a reliable and powerful pirate ship ride manufacturer is the most important thing. You can trust TR.

Giant Pendulum Dragon Pirate Ship Rides for Theme Parks

Why do you choose TR, a pirate ship ride manufacturer? 

We are a specialist amusement ride manufacturer in the research, design, production and sale of professional amusement equipment with many years of experience. Whether you want large thrilling rides or small family rides, you can find them at TR factory. We have sold our rocking pirate ship ride to many counties such as the USA, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, etc. And our clients were happy with the ship ride. “Quality First” is our tenet so we guarantee the quality of our products. Additionally, customized services are available. Just let us know what you want.

What is the pirate ship ride price? 

The pirate ship ride price varies by the type and size. Totally speaking, the price of a pirate ship fair ride ranges from $4,600 to $35,000. But prices are not set in stone. We can give you discounts in order to build win-win cooperation and sometimes we have sales promotions. Do not wait any longer and contact us for the latest quote!

How about the transport and installation of TR rocking boat ride? 

Before deciding to buy a pirate ship ride, perhaps you want to know about the delivery, shipment and installation of the equipment. Do not worry about it. We guarantee that we will deliver on time.

In terms of transportation, we ship our goods by sea. All products will be well packed to ensure the intactness.

As for the installation, we will send you all documents to help you install the pirate ship amusement ride. We can also send an engineer to your country if needed. But honestly speaking, it is easy to install the device. Don’t worry about it. You can contact us at any time if you encounter any problems.

To sum up, a pirate ship ride for sale is a good investment for your business. It is popular with people of all ages and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can choose a suitable one based on your venue and budget. If you are about to start a park business, feel free to contact us. We are free for CAD park designs and can provide you with professional advice.

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