Want to add more fun to your mall? How about placing some fun amusement rides to attract more visitors and increase foot traffic? One month ago, we did a deal with a client who managed a shopping mall in the United States. If you have a similar situation, you can refer to the case of a small Ferris wheel for American mall business.

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Double-sided Small Ferris Wheel for American Mall Business

Kiddie Ferris Wheel Amusement Ride for Sale

Our client, Dave, runs a shopping mall in the US. Actually, the mall already has some rides installed in its atrium. And Dave wanted to add another appealing amusement attraction to increase the popularity of his mall business. So he considered a cost-effective indoor Ferris wheel for sale. Based on the actual conditions in his mall, we recommend a mini Ferris wheel, also called a kiddie Ferris wheel. We have two types of small Ferris wheel, a single-sided mini Ferris wheel and a double-sided small Ferris wheel for sale. Furthermore, each type is available in many styles. Finally, Dave chose a double-sided small Ferris wheel. There are six cabins on each side, each of which can carry two people.

What Aspects of Our Kiddie Ferris Wheel Did Dave Care about?

Recommended Amusement Rides for a Mall Business besides Ferris Wheel

If you are also about to build an indoor amusement park in a mall, you can consider other cost-effective amusement rides besides Ferris wheels. A swinging pirate ship ride, a shopping mall train, a mini tagada disco, a merry go round, etc. are great options for a mall. And if you want to install a Ferris wheel outside the mall, then a giant wheel ride can be the optimal choice. It will definitely be a landmark for the mall, and for the city.

In short, our American customer is pleased with our Ferris wheel for his mall business. In addition, we have established a good partnership, and Dave says that if he needs to add more rides to his mall in the future, he will also choose us. So if you are about to start a similar mall business, feel free to contact us! Our company can be your trusted partner!

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We have different types of thrill rides including high speed roller coaster, romantic Ferris wheel, swinging pirate ship, extreme pendulum frisbee, crazy Jump and Smile ride, vibrant disco tagada, crazy wave miami ride, top scan ride, kinds of tower rides, fun trabant amusement ride for sale, etc.

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