A Frisbee ride is one of the most popular outdoor large-scale amusement equipment that has been well-received by the public. It is grand and gorgeous, exciting and adventurous. And nowadays at TR, you can not only find a giant pendulum ride for young people and thrill-seekers, which is common at an outdoor amusement park or theme park, but also a smaller one for children and adults, which is suitable for either indoor and outdoor places such as a shopping mall. If you are about to invest in a Frisbee ride for sale, here are the details about this thrill ride, for your reference.

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How Does Our Frisbee Ride for Sale Work?

  • TR Frisbee ride is a type of pendulum amusement ride that swings back and forth. TR pirate ship ride is also a type of pendulum amusement ride. But more often than not, when a pendulum ride is mentioned, it means the xtreme Frisbee.

  • Our swinging pendulum ride has a suspended pendulum between two support frames. Attached to the base of this pendulum is a circular gondola that rotates itself clockwise or counterclockwise as the pendulum swings back and forth at an increasing swing angle. Riders are seated on the gondola facing inward or outward, depending on the model.


Buy TR Frisbee Rides, Thrill Your Customer’s Heart!

  • When riding the hammer swing ride, your customers seem to be sitting on a chair suspended in the air, with a vast and blank area in front of them that makes them feel insecure. And when our equipment is in operation, despite being restrained by safety devices, riders can still feel as if they are about to fly out at any moment and seems to be flying into the air. The sensation of weightlessness and overweight makes your customer’s heart thump. In addition, they seem to be in a grotesque world because the gondola they are sitting on also rotates, which makes them dizzy.

  • Don’t you want such a thrilling, insane ride to attract more visitors to your park? Don’t hesitate any longer, buy one and start your amusement ride business!


Extreme Frisbee Ride VS Roller Coaster, Which One Is More Attractive to Your Visitors?

  • At amusement parks, Frisbee rides and roller coasters are the top two most thrill rides. Both are popular carnival rides with adults and children alike. The two types of amusement rides are thrilling and exciting to most tourists, but there is something different between them.

  • For a roller coaster entertainment ride, the main reason riders find it is exciting is that it runs so fast. And the passengers go straight up and down on the track. Sometimes they dive into the clouds, sometimes they plummet to the ground, and sometimes they feel a dizzy sensation from the inversion.

  • While as for a Frisbee amusement ride, people think of it a thrill ride because they will get a mixed and complex sensation composed of weightlessness, overweight and dizziness. This sensation relates to the motion of the Frisbee.

  • To sum sup, both are worth the investment and attractive to visitors. If you are about to build a park, you can buy both the two thrill rides from TR. We provide you with high quality amusement rides and free CAD park designs.

Top 3 Sizes of Frisbee Rides in TR

According to the size, we divide the Frisbee ride for sale into a big pendulum, a medium size swinging pendulum ride, and a mini pendulum ride. Before buying a Frisbee ride for sale, you should have an idea of how large your venue is, as this is an important factor in deciding which size Frisbee ride to buy.

Recommended Places You can Use Our Frisbee Ride for Business  

You can install our Frisbee amusement ride in indoor or outdoor open areas such as amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, parks, scenic spots, residential areas, hotels, schools, shopping malls, squares or any other location that can provide space and infrastructure for its installation and operation.

A big park pendulum ride or a medium-size one demands much on the site, while a mini pendulum ride is suitable for any place. You can contact us to let us know about your venue situation. We will give you professional advice for your reference.

Insane Pendulum Ride Amusement Park

Amusement Park

Fun Frisbee Rides for Scenic Spots

Scenic Spot

Swinging Pendulum Ride for Indoor Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall

FAQ for Buying a Frisbee Ride for Sale from TR

FAQ for Buying a Frisbee Ride for Sale from TR

On Time Delivery of the Frisbee Ride

Transport of a Frisbee amusement ride

We assure you that we deliver on time. The intact goods will be transported by sea to your nearest port.

Hammer Carnival Ride for Anyplace

Environment temperature while operating a Frisbee roller coaster

You can use our Frisbee ride for sale indoors or outdoors. Temperature is not a problem. But when it comes to weather like heavy rain, snow or strong winds, you should stop to use the equipment. This is for the safety of both the passenger and the device.

Installation of Small Pendulum Rides

Installation of Frisbee ride for sale

We will send you all the documents including installation videos, instructions, construction drawings and training for your workers. Also, if you need assistance, we can dispatch an engineer to your city to help you install the Frisbee ride and debug it.

Safety Compression Bar of Mini Pendulum Ride

Safety of a swinging pendulum ride

All our products are produced under a strict quality control system. That’s why we have a large number of customers with long-term cooperation. You can rest assured about the quality of TR pendulum amusement ride. We equip the gondola with dual security protection to keep passengers safe, with a shoulder type safety bar and a safety belt. What’s more, if you want the amusement rides to last longer, there can be no shortage of routine inspections and maintenance work.

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