A mini pendulum ride is a scaled-down version of the larger pendulum ride. The feature of compact footprint makes the mini swinging pendulum ride versatile and an ideal addition to venues with limited space. Additionally, it is fit for younger riders and those who prefer a more moderate level of adventure. So if you want to add a moderately thrilling attraction to your small amusement park, a mini pendulum is the optimal choice. Here are the details on a mini Frisbee ride for sale for your reference.

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How Large Area Do Small Pendulum Rides for Sale Require?

Do you want to know the size of the amusement equipment so that you can know if it will fit your venue? Actually, the equipment size of different manufacturers may exist difference. For our company’s mini pendulum ride for sale, it covers an area of 6 meters long and 5 meters wide. In addition, the equipment height is 4.5 meters. (Notes: this parameter is for reference only, welcome to contact us to get details.)

The small footprint means you can install this versatile mini Frisbee ride both indoors and outdoors, like shopping malls, squares, amusement parks, family entertainment centers, theme parks, playgrounds, farms, etc. Furthermore, a mini discovery ride is portable and easy to assemble and disassemble. So even if you prepare for carnivals or fairs, this kiddie ride can also meet your needs.

Mini Frisbee Carnival Attraction Gallery

Technical Specification of Mini Pendulum Carnival Ride

Capacity Cover Height Voltage Power Angle Material Warranty
5/6/7 Seats 6mL*5mW 4.5m 380/220V 11kw 36° Steel+FRP 12Months

Are Kiddie Pendulum Ride Safe?

A mini pendulum amusement attraction is also a kiddie pendulum ride. It is suitable for children, families and those who prefer a more moderate level of thrilling. In our company, although a Frisbee carnival kiddie ride with 6 seats is small in size, we use the same quality material, three safety measures, and high production standard as large pendulum rides with 23 seats.

Quality materials

3 safety measures

production standard

Quality materials

Product quality is a prerequisite for passenger safety. If you choose TR thrill ride manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about this point. Because “Quality First, Customer Supreme” is our company tenet.


  • The overall frame of our mini pendulum ride uses quality Q235 steel, which is strong and sturdy.
  • In addition, we use glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) to make the passenger gondola, protection covers of the steel supporting structure, and adorable decorations. This kind of material is durable and elastic.

Fiberglass Mini Frisbee Ride Produced by Dinis Thrill Ride Manufacturer

Three safety measures

To ensure passengers’ safety while the mini discovery ride is in operation, we equip the fun mechanical ride with three safety measures, including double safety restraints and hydraulic brake system.

  • On the one hand, double safety restraints consists of over-the-shoulder restraint and safety belts. The two safety measures ensure that passengers are not swayed back and forth or thrown when the gyro swing ride is in operation.

  • On the other hand, we equip our small-size Frisbee ride with the best hydraulic brake system, which is important for any mechanical ride. It controls the pendulum speed and stop.

Mini Pendulum Ride Over-the-shoulder Restraint

High production standard

Our factory produces any amusement equipment in strict accordance with the production standards. This commitment to quality is unwavering, even for smaller-scale attractions such as the kiddie Ferris wheel, mini pendulum, mini viking ship, mini fair tagada. We maintain rigorous control over the selection of materials and the manufacturing process to ensure each product meets our exacting criteria. Moreover, during the production, we conduct 2 stages of run trials.

  • On the one hand, after the steel frame of a small Frisbee roller coaster is completed, we perform a trial run on the equipment.
  • On the other hand, another trail run will be conducted before the pendulum ride is shipped. We will use 75Kg-sandbag to replace a passenger and conduct a 72-hour, non-stop test run under full load conditions.

Custom Small Version Hammer Carnival Ride

As a leading amusement park ride manufacturer, we also offer satisfactory custom service. Here are some of the customization options for your reference.

  • Seating capacity alternations: Our company’s standard mini Frisbee ride for sale can accommodate 6 passengers. But if needed, we can reduce or increase the number of seats to 5 or 7.

  • Color and theme customization: You can choose specific colors or themes for the ride to match your park’s style. And it must be unique and attractive to park-goers.

  • Lighting design: As you know, lighting effects of park rides can create a particular ambiance, especially during nighttime operation. To help your business also attract visitors in the evening, we equip TR carnival hammer ride with even-distributed LED lights. And if needed, the lighting systems can be customized.

  • Adding logos and branding: Do you want to build your own brand? If so, we can add logos to the Frisbee mechanical ride.

  • Internal components customization: If you have specific operational requirements or desire certain performance features, we can also tailor internal components like the motor, control systems, or safety harness.

In addition to the above five aspects, additional features are also customizable. What’s your customization requirement? Feel free to tell us at any time.

Facts about Mini Pendulum Ride Price

How much does kiddie pendulum fair ride cost? The price of mini pendulum entertainment equipment can be affected by a number of factors, including the size and capacity, promotion, material, manufacturer, design, techniques, installation and shipping.

Generally speaking, the price of TR mini-version amusement park pendulum rides ranges from $6,000-$10,000. It’s not the final price. We can give you discount during the promotion. Contact us to get an accurate free quote!

In short, TR mini pendulum ride features smaller footprint, lower cost, and appeal to families and a wide age range of children. Feel free to contact us if interested in our mini ride. As a qualified thrill ride manufacturer, we ensure the product quality and price. Also we offer 12-month warranty and lifelong technical support. Additionally, satisfactory custom service is available at our company.

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