The Samba Tower ride is a tall fair ride popular with families at home and abroad. We design a samba tower with 24 or 32 capacities to suit different business places. Customized services are also available. So, you can start your own business with a right size tower ride. Here are the details about the TR balloon tower equipment for your reference.

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TR Samba Tower – A Safe Thrilling Ride for Families

Beautiful Samba Tower Amusement Attraction for Families

To attract visitors, especially the little ones in the family, we design a new type of thrilling vertical ride, the Samba Tower amusement ride. Several colorful balloon cockpits are attached around a central axis. They go up and down and rotate clockwise or anticlockwise at the same time. The unique design will definitely appeal to people of all ages. In addition, the height of our samba balloon tower attraction is around 12m. Also, the speed of the tower machine is not very fast. So families with kids really love this type of tower ride.

By the way, to protect the safety of the riders, we equip the gondolas with guardrails and safety doors. Passengers sit in U-shaped FRP cradles, which completely protect them from leaning out. Also, passengers can control the balloon’s rotation on their own through handrails in the center of the cockpit. As our sky samba balloon ride lifts riders high in the air, it will give them a spectacular bird’s-eye view of their surroundings. And no doubt your visitors will have a memorable experience with their families.

Start Your Business with a 24 & 32 Person Samba Tower Ride for Sale

Start your business with our colorful samba balloon tower attraction. It forms a spectacular visual effect and will be the most special part of your park. The common type of our samba balloon tower ride is from 11m to 15m in height, capable of carrying 24/32 people. It has 6/8 hot air balloon-shaped gondolas, each of which can carry four children and adults at a time. Besides, customized services are available. We can change the color, size, speed, and capacity of the tower fair ride. So feel free to contact us and let us know your needs. Then, we can confirm with our engineers and meet your requirements within acceptable limits.

In short, although the samba ride is not as tall as the giant drop tower ride or the huge sky Ferris wheel, visitors can enjoy the charming park views from the tower and fully experience the freedom of flying in the air.

Recommended Places to Use Our Balloon Tower Ride

Our samba tower ride for sale is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, funfairs, parks, zoos, playgrounds, fairgrounds, scenic spots, squares, malls, indoor and outdoor places. You can start your entertainment business with the tower carnival ride at those locations. Just tell us your actual situation so we can give you professional advice. Here are two recommended places to install the amusement samba tower equipment for your, reference.

Samba tower amusement park rides

An amusement park or a theme park is suitable for installing a balloon tower amusement ride. Our machine is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant and water-resistant FRP and firm, strong international steel. So it can be used for around twelve years or even longer with good daily maintenance. To carry a large number of people at a time, we fit our machine with 6/8 cockpits, big enough for general use. And if you want a tower carnival ride with more cockpits for your park, it’s certainly available at TR. Besides, when there are a lot of visitors, you can set the play time to be shorter through the control box. So the machine can carry more people per hour.

What’s more, to attract visitors to your park, our samba tower is equipped with an abundance of LED lights. When the lights shine together, your park can be another gorgeous scene at night, captivating to visitors. And the TR balloon tower ride, along with other TR amusement park rides for sale, such as an amusement park wheel ride and a chain carousel, will make for an amazing dream world at night.

Samba balloon tower at the zoo

Visitors can now not only see animals at the zoo, but also ride fun amusement rides. If you want to add more fun to your zoo, funfair attractions such as ferris wheels, carousel merry-go-rounds, samba tower rides, train rides, outdoor playgrounds, crazy bus amusement facilities, etc., are worth investing in. Visitors can ride the tower equipment if they want to take a break. In the mean time, they can also enjoy an aerial view of the zoo. As a result, such a beautiful tower ride equipped with colorful balloon-shaped gondolas will definitely attract more visitors, especially families with the little ones, and increase the popularity and foot traffic of your zoo.

In short, as long as you want to start a business with fair rides, our samba hot air balloon ride for sale can be a great option.

Samba Tower Attraction VS Samba Balloon Ride

The TR samba tower amusement equipment is a new type of tower ride based on the TR samba balloon ride. They have, therefore, something in common and something in difference.

In terms of the appearance, both machines have colorful hot air balloon-shaped cockpits. As for the movement, both rotates clockwise or counterclockwise, and passengers can control the rotation of their gondola themselves. However, a samba tower attraction also lifts riders up and down, while a samba balloon tilts for additional variations of motion. Hence, samba towers are taller than samba balloons. By and large, both are suitable for families.

As a result, in addition to buying a samba tower ride for your business, you can also buy a samba balloon ride from our company. In that case, your players not only get an aerial view of their surroundings, but they also get the dizzy sensation from the tilt.

FAQ about TR Hot Air Balloon Equipment for Sale

Here are a few FAQs that you might be concerned about with the TR samba balloon, for your reference.

We pack the FRP parts and the control box of the samba tower with 3-5 layers of good bubble film, the steel parts with bubble film and non-woven fabric, and other parts in carton boxes.

We guarantee on-time delivery. And our delivery team fixes the tower machine to make sure it is safe and does not move during transport.

It’s easy to install our samba tower. Its structure is not complicated, and you simply need to assemble the components together based on the videos and drawings we send you. If needed, we can send an engineer to your location. Any problems you have with our ride, just contact us.

All in all, TR samba tower is suitable for people of all ages. It is certainly a good investment for amusement parks, zoos, and almost any indoor and outdoor venue. In addition to the samba tower, we have other carnival rides that drop you, such as the drop tower equipment and the flying tower. If you are interested in our tower rides, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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