A tagada ride is a type of thrill ride popular with adults, young people and children around the world. There are several sizes of tagada rides on the market, suitable for almost any place, amusement park, fair, shopping mall, etc. Before investing in a tagada ride for sale, you should choose a reliable and powerful thrill rides manufacturer that can offer you reasonable and attractive prices for disco tagada rides.

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Why Is a Disco Turntable Worth Investing in?

A tagada ride has been one of the most popular amusement park rides since its appearance. Not only is it a spinning fairground ride, it’s also a bouncy ride. And the tagada attraction will definitely be a good investment for your business. Here are three reasons for your reference.


Unique design attracts visitors

Unique design attracts visitors

Our tagada disco ride is the perfect combination of visual and auditory experiences. In terms of the shape, a disco tagada looks like a round bowl, or a turntable. So you can also call it a disco turntable. The exterior shell of the disco turntable adopts bright colors and dazzling lights to create a visual effect full of vitality and energy. At the same time, with the dynamic music, people are full of enthusiasm and excitement. Together, these elements create a unique atmosphere that attracts many visitors. So you will not have to worry about foot traffic to your business!


It is safe for your players

It is safe for your players

All of our thrill rides are designed and produced with comprehensive safety considerations. So is a tagada for sale. When the machine is in operation, it rotates clockwise or counterclockwise and bounces suddenly and violently simultaneously, which is exciting for your riders. Riders in the bowl, by the way, should hold on to the bars behind them because there are no seat belts or restraints. But if the players don’t hold on to the bars, the violent shaking could throw them off their seats. So when you start an entertainment business, tell your players to follow the rules of the game.


People of all ages can ride our machine

People of all ages can ride our machine

Our tagada disco is suitable for people of all ages. And the equipment brings happiness and excitement to tourists. For kids, the disco turntable exercises their courage and let them enhance themselves. For adults, they release the pressure in real life and simply enjoy themselves in the cheery atmosphere. All your players will have a good time riding the tagada and get an unforgettable experience. And they may even want to play one more time. Also, the screams and laughter from your players will attract more visitors. In this case, you will undoubtedly receive a steady income.

Top 3 Scales of Disco Tagada Rides Popular with Buyers and Players

At our company, you can find disco tagada rides with capacities of 8, 12, 16, 24, 30 and 40 people. Generally, a disco tagada has a static dip angle of 11 degrees and a dynamic tilting angle ranging from 11 to 45 degrees. You can choose the right size disco turntable for your venue. Here are the top 3 types of disco tagada rides for sale for your reference.

Our mini tagada can carry 8 or 12 people. It occupies a small area of 4m in length and 4.5m in width. Although much smaller than a 24-seat disco turntable, it is as exciting for riders as a large tagada ride for sale. Both adults and kids can ride the machine. Furthermore, it is suitable for almost any indoor and outdoor place due to its small size.

TR 24-seat disco turntable is common in outdoor places such as amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, etc. It occupies an area of 10m in length and 12m in width. And the rotary disc diameter is 6m. Riders sitting on comfortable sofas look like boiling dumplings. They dance to the rock music and energetic beats.

A 40-seat tagada attraction is the largest of the usual disco tagada rides. With a length of 15m, a width of 13m and a height of 4m, it’s really a big fair ride. So if you want this one, it’s best to have a space large enough to install the machine. Besides, colors, decorations, and sizes can be customized to suit your park theme.

Start your business

Top 3 Suitable Places to Start Your Business with a Tagada Disco Ride

Top 3 Suitable Places to Start Your Business with a Tagada Disco Ride

A tagada ride for sale is suitable for almost any place, indoors or outdoors. You can consider installing a disco turntable at amusement parks, theme parks, scenic spots, shopping malls, squares, parks, pastures, farms, carnivals, fairs, schools, children’s play centers, funfairs and fairgrounds. And among so many suitable places, here are the top 3 for your entertainment business.

Amusement park business with disco tagada rides for sale

An amusement park is the most popular place for people to relax. And there are a number of tourists who go to a thrill amusement park specifically for the tagada turntable because they think it is one of the most thrilling rides, along with a coaster entertainment ride, a thrilling pendulum ride and a pirate ship attraction. The tagada machine rotates and bounces simultaneously, and the riders don’t know what it will do the next second, which is interesting and thrilling.

In addition, we recommend buying a large tagada ride that is able to carry at least 24 players for your park. Because it accommodates many players at a time, it will bring you more revenue. As a result, a disco ride amusement park, together with other thrilling amusement park rides will attract many visitors. Don’t hesitate any longer! Add more fun to your park!

Tagada attraction at fairs

Crazy Tagada Fair Ride for Adults and Kids

A tagada fair ride will be an anchor attraction. It’s unique look and motion coupled with rock music and beats will fire up your visitors and make the atmosphere more hilarious and lively. The screams and laughter of your players will fill the whole venue. That’s what makes your machine stand out. What’s more, you can also rent the tagada funfair ride to people who want to hold temporary activities, another income. By the way, we will send you installation videos and drawings to help you with the installation. Also, we can dispatch an engineer to your location. So don’t worry about the installation.

Disco tagada rides in malls

Family Ride Disco Turntable in Shopping Malls

You can invest in a mini tagada for the shopping mall business. It only occupies a small area and is suitable for indoor places like shopping malls. This will definitely add more fun to your mall and attract more tourists, especially family with the little ones. More importantly, while kids are riding the tagada, their parents can have a rest. Also, if you want a bigger tagada disco ride for your mall, feel free to contact us and let us know about your mall. We will give you professional advice on which machine size is the optimal choice for your mall. We also provide custom service to meet your needs.

How Much Does TR Tagada Ride for Sale Cost?

The price of a tagada funfair ride ranges from $7,900 to $26,000. It depends on many aspects of the equipment, capacity, power, space, height, speed, titling angle, volume, turntable diameter, etc. By and large, a large tagada ride for sale is more expensive than a smaller one. In addition, our company has several promotions in a year for festivals or important events. The machine price will be lower during these days than during the usual days. Also, we can give you a discount on the rides if you order more than one set.

In short, the tagada ride is ideal for kids, teenagers and adults. The ride spins and bounces at the same time and is a very energetic and exciting ride! TR premium disco tagada, made from quality materials such as FRP and steel, will help you attract more visitors to your business. Don’t hesitate any longer. Start your business with a disco tagada sooner and you can make money from it sooner!

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