Amusement park rides are popular with people of all ages. And the entertainment equipment business is booming. So if you are about to start a business, investing in amusement park rides would undoubtedly be a good choice. Are amusement park rides safe?

Before you make up your mind to invest in the amusement park equipment for sale, is that your first concern? If yes, the most important thing for you is to choose a reliable, strong amusement equipment manufacturer. TR is one such manufacturer. We are qualified to produce a variety of amusement park rides, including large, thrill rides and fun family rides. To keep passengers safe, we equip our rides with all-round safety measures. Here are the details on how we can keep you customers safe.

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Safety devices on amusement park rides

Safety devices

We equip some of our carnival rides, such as bumper cars, with safety belts only. These rides operate with only slight sway or a slow lift rate. Nor was there any danger of being thrown out, or of rolling over.

For large, thrill amusement park rides with faster speeds or large swings, we equip them with dual protection, safety belts and safety bars. Our safety bar itself has sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that the riders are not thrown or dropped. And it is always locked until the equipment stops operating. In addition, our amusement rides have different types of safety bars to protect the passenger’s safety. Some amusement park rides, such as the Frisbee ride, the Miami ride and the Top Spin ride, require shoulder-type safety bars. While some thrill rides, such as the Pirate Ship carnival ride, require a waist-type safety bar.

As for the amusement park swings with suspended gondolas, such as the Flying Chair ride and the Swing Tower ride, we specially use galvanized chains and galvanized steel wire ropes to connect the seats. The chain is the main load-bearing part. And the wirerope is for the second protection.

For those amusement park machines with closed cockpits more than 1m from the ground, such as the Ferris wheel, we have set up two locking devices, or a security lock. What’s more, passengers inside cannot open the device. Only the operator can open the cabin after the equipment stops running.

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Emergency safety measures for park rides

Safety measures

We install an emergency stop button on the control cabinet. The operator can press the button to ensure the safety of passengers if they feel unwell or if there is a sudden loss of power or equipment failure while the machine is in operation.

Are amusement park rides safe? Now you may have your own ideas on the subject. And if you’ve made up your mind to invest in amusement park machines, feel free to contact us at any time. We provide you with high quality, cost-effective customizable amusement park equipment for sale. Also, professional, intimate services and free CAD park designs are available at TR.

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