The kangaroo jump ride, also known simply as the Kangaroo, is a classic ride often found at amusement parks, fairs, indoor entertainment centers, squares, and fairs. It is a milder version of a techno jump ride, relatively straightforward yet entertaining. So children and families really love the kangaroo carousel amusement attraction. Besides, compared to a techno jump mega machine, kiddie ride kangaroo is more affordable for new investors. So if you are about to start a small amusement business, this jump ride is a good choice. Here are the details on kanga bounce ride for your reference.

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12/16 Seat Kangaroo Jumping Machines, Bring Fun to Families!

6 Arms–12 People

12 seat happy jumping kangaroo

This size kiddie amusement equipment features 6 rotating arms. Each arm is equipped with two kangaroo-shaped seats side by side. So it can accommodate 12 passengers simultaneously. Furthermore, it covers a small area with a diameter of 7 meters.

12 Seats Kangaroo Jump Ride for Sale
16 Seats Kiddie Ride Kanga Bounce Installed in Indoor Entertainment Center

8 Arms–16 People

16 seat bouncing kangaroo ride

This model carousel kangaroo ride has 8 rotating arms with two seats each. So it has a bigger capacity, permitting up to 16 passengers at a time. Correspondingly, this size equipment requires a larger space, with a diameter of 9 meters.

Equipment Height

How about kangaroo jump ride height?

A 12 seat kanga bounce and a 16 seat jumping kangaroo ride for sale have different capacities and footprints. Then how about the equipment height of the two? Is it different, too? Actually, they are both 5 meters tall with a jumping amplitude of approximately 1 meter. It means passengers won’t reach up to about 2 meters above the ground even when they are at the peak of their peak. Thus, this compact jumping machine is suitable for visitors of all ages, especially children and families.

12 & 16 Seats Kanga Bounce Ride

How to Choose the Right Kangaroo Hopper Carnival Ride for Your Venue?

A 12-person wild waves kanga bounce and a 16-seat kangaroo hopper carnival ride, which one is perfect for your situation? Here are several factors you need to take into consideration when deciding between the two, including equipment specifications, passenger capacity, potential daily revenue, and return on investment (ROI).

In summary, the choice between the 12-seat and 16-seat kangaroo jumping machines for sale should be based on the size of your venue, expected customer traffic, financial goals, and how quickly you wish to achieve a return on your investment. It’s essential to conduct thorough market research and financial planning to ensure that your choice aligns with your business objectives and the market demand. Also you can consult us. Our company provides not only quality amusement rides, free CAD park design, but also professional advice on equipment selection.

Tips to Choose a proper kanga bounce ride

Indoor & Outdoor Venues, Both Are Suitable for Placing Jumping Kangaroo Ride

Kangaroo jump ride features captivating design and family-friendly appeal. In addition, it has a smaller footprint compared to a Wipeout carnival ride. Therefore, kangaroo kiddie ride is a versatile attraction that can be seamlessly integrated into both indoor and outdoor venues. Here are some recommended places to place the moderately thrilling amusement ride.

Indoor shopping malls

Placing a kangaroo jump around ride within a large shopping mall can transform an ordinary shopping trip into an exciting outing for families. The ride serves as a perfect distraction for children, giving parents a break and potentially extending their shopping time. Additionally, the visually appealing setup can also attract more visitors to the mall, especially families with the little ones. This way, a kanga bounce certainly boost your mall’s foot traffic and overall business.

Theme parks with indoor sections

Some theme parks include indoor areas to offer variety and weather-proof options to their visitors. If your theme park is similar to those, you can consider placing a funny jumping ride Kangaroo. The bounce machine can add to the diversity of attractions, catering to those looking for gentler, family-oriented amusement, such as hopper frog park ride, caterpillar kiddie coaster. It’s also an excellent way to manage guest flow, distributing crowds between indoor and outdoor attractions.

Outdoor amusement parks

Amusement parks are the natural habitat for rides like roller coasters, viking ship rides. When selecting amusement equipment for your park, you can choose different types of carnival attractions for to meet the needs of different age groups. And the kangaroo jump ride can be a charming addition.

Zoos and animal parks

Integrating a wide waves kanga bounce attraction in zoos or animal-themed parks can offer an engaging educational experience. This machine can spark children’s interest in learning more about kangaroos and other animals, making it both fun and educational, and a memorable experience for kids.

In conclusion, the jumping kangaroo ride for sale’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to both indoor and outdoor venues. Each setting offers unique advantages that can significantly enhance the guest experience.

Versatility of Kiddie Kangaroo Bounce Ride
Kangaroo Jump Ride in Park at Night

Buy Kangaroo Jumping Machine for Sale at Competitive Factory Prices!

As manufacturers of amusement equipment, we offer you opportunities to purchase this attraction directly from us at competitive factory prices. The cost of our kanga bounce ride varies depends on the specifications of the equipment you choose. Generally speaking, the price ranges from $9,000 to $13,000.

Please note, the price range above serves as a reference and the final transaction amount may be influenced by factors such as exchange rates, shipping costs, customs duties, and any specific customization requests you might have. We are committed to providing you with the best value. Also we are open to offering discounts to ensure a mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnership.

We warmly welcome you to contact us and receive the latest free quote. Let us help you make a fantastic addition to your venue with our kangaroo kiddie ride!

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