A popular amusement park or theme park needs routine maintenance. Actually, the amusement park maintenance is amusement park ride maintenance. Good daily care and routine maintenance can help amusement rides last longer, allowing you to make more money. Here are some common routine maintenance actions.

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Clean amusement park rides

Cleaning is the most basic job in theme park maintenance. Clean equipment on a daily basis. It includes cleaning the surfaces of equipment such as seats, swing arms and platforms. Also, keep garbage and sundries away from the machine.

Periodic inspection

Check your machine’s electrical system regularly, such as wires, plugs, switches, etc., to make sure they are working properly and are not damaged or worn out.

Check the ride’s hydraulic system regularly to ensure that no oil pipes are leaking or damaged and that the oil pressure is maintained.

Frequently check that the automatic drainer and dryer are working normally. And regularly clean the water-separating gas filter and the automatic drainer.

Lubricate the bearings, transmission chains and other components of the amusement equipment at regular intervals to ensure their smooth operation and reduce wear and tear.

Maintenance and repair of amusement park rides

Depending on the use of the amusement ride, check regularly for faulty and worn components of the equipment. Replace parts that need to be replaced in time. When equipment fails, shut it down in time for a professional technician to fix the machine.

Run test on amusement park rides

Before starting the equipment every day, conduct a simple test run on the equipment to ensure that it is operating normally without abnormal noise and looseness.

Safety inspection

Check the safety devices of the equipment before starting and closing your business daily to ensure the integrity and normal operation of the safety doors, safety belts, limit switches and other components of the equipment.

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In short, for large-scale amusement equipment, daily care is very important. It can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the safety of visitors. In addition, it can extend the service life of amusement rides. Therefore, if you are about to start an amusement park business, the most important thing is to do routine amusement park maintenance well. Do a good job in daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection. And prevent problems such as improper handover and untimely repairs. At the same time, do a good job of equipment maintenance records, and timely report work such as replacement, renewal, and scrapping.

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