Drop tower ride is one of the most popular carnival tower rides. It is common at an amusement park, a theme park or a scenic spot. It falls into the category of thrill rides for sale, and is extremely popular with the public. So, for park investors, a free fall tower ride is worth the investment. To meet the needs of different groups, we have designed several drop towers sizes. You can find a kiddie-friendly frog hopper ride for sale and a giant drop ride for adults and thrill-seekers. Buying a cost-effective carnival drop tower is certainly important for your business. Moreover, good maintenance can prolong the service life of the product. Do you know how to maintain a free fall ride?

Well, first of all, it’s best to have a clear idea of how a drop tower ride works. You will then know you should routinely maintain which parts of the amusement ride. As a thrill ride manufacturer, here are the working principles and maintenance work of a free fall amusement park ride that we offer for your reference.

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How Does a Gyro Drop Ride Work?

The main structure of the gyro drop includes the frame and cockpit. On the one hand, we mount the frame on the chassis by slewing bearings. On the other hand, the cockpit is mounted on the frame. The circular cabin, capable of carrying many passengers, is suspended by wire ropes. Hydraulic gears pull the pulleys to lift the cockpit and move it up and down the frame. Moreover, the rotating motor drives the slewing bearings to rotate through the gear transmission. Thereby the freefall drop ride’s frame and the cockpit can rotate around the vertical center line.

The free fall experience impresses passengers. Besides, because of the height of the tower ride, visitors can see it from a distance. Thus, a giant drop ride can be a landmark in your park, or even your city. A Ferris wheel amusement park ride and a crazy park roller coaster for sale also can be a landmark.

How to Maintain a Free Fall Ride?

Daily check amusement park thrill rides to ensure the normal operation. But different types of thrill rides have different maintenance aspects. For a drop tower amusement ride, its maintenance can be carried out in five aspects, including the inspection, adjustment, cleaning, lubrication, and trial operation.

  • At the end of a day, clean and disinfect the drop zone ride. Regularly check the cockpit, safety bar, motor, control cabinet and other components to ensure the normal operation of the sky tower ride.

  • As for the main structure of a super shot ride, there should be no cracks, grooves, deformations, rust, wear, mechanical damages, and other defects affecting safety.

  • The motor, reducer and coupling of a drop tower scream zone should be in good condition. Also, there should be no abnormal sounds and no damaged parts.

  • The temperature rise of the rolling bearing end cover of a big drop ride should be normal. And there should be no abnormal sound. Besides, the temperature rise at the oil hole of the sliding bearing should be normal and there should be no abnormal wear.

  • The reducer and friction clutch should be stable and smooth.

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To have a thriving business, in addition to knowing how to choose a suitable tower ride for your business, you should pay attention to the routine maintenance of your equipment. Safety testing and maintenance of a drop tower ride for sale is very important. Because it is responsible for both visitors’ safety and your business future.

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