Techno jump ride is a fun amusement park attraction that is fit for families. Last year, we successfully finished an order for a Spanish client, Jose who bought a jump n smile ride. Here are the details on this project “Techno Jump Ride in Spain” for your reference.

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Our Client’s Vision for the Thrill of His Amusement Park Attractions

Jose is the operator of a family-friendly amusement park in Spain, which has been open for a year. To enrich the amusement park’s portfolio and bring more fun to the park-goers, Jose contacted our comany to search for a new ride that would strike the perfect balance between family-friendliness and exhilaration and also should be suitable for individuals aged 8 and above. Jose hoped this equipment could become the park’s new anchor attraction.

Choosing the Techno Jump Ride for Family Amusement Park in Spain

After a thorough review of the Spanish park’s current offerings, our team proposed a selection of amusement park rides for sale, including the Techno Jump (Mega Jumping Machine), Frog Hopper, Disco Tagada, and Miami carnival ride.

Through vivid pictures and engaging videos, one mechanical thrilling ride caught Jose’s eye–the Jump n Smile. His curiosity about this particular ride led to an in-depth discussion about its features and potential to attract park-goers.

2 Aspects of the Techno Jump Ride for Sale that Jose Concern

In our communication, we knew that Jose cared about the lighting system and equipment capacity.

Lighting effect

Lighting the night: enhancing visual appeal

Techno Jump Ride Rotating Arms Equipped with Many LED Lights

The amusement park was also open in the evening, so Jose emphasized the importance of vibrant lighting effects to attract and enchant visitors after sunset. We assured him that our mega bounce ride’s cabins, mechanical arms, central column, decorations, and base would be equipped with evenly distributed LED lights.

Besides, the entertainment equipment operator could control the light effect by using the buttons on the control cabinet. Furthermore, we could equip the rides with additional LEDs for an even more striking effect at night if Jose required. He was happy with our proposal.

Passenger Capacity

Capacity considerations: maximizing engagement

Jump and Smile Cockpits Test Run in Dinis Factory

Our techno jump ride for sale comes in three sizes–24, 30, and 36 seats. The three sizes correspond to 8, 10, and 12 rotating arms, respectively. Each arm has a 3-seater cabin, making safety and comfort paramount. After analyzing the parks’ visitor flow, we recommended the largest version, a 12-arm Jump & Smile.

This large fair ride was capable of entertaining 36 riders simultaneously. Assuming that one cycle of the jump ride’s operation takes 2-3 minutes, plus the time passengers need to get ready, then one round of operation would take about 6 minutes. In that case, the equipment could run 10 times in an hour, accommodating a total of 360 passengers.

As a result, this data-driven approach helped our Spanish client visualize the jumping entertainment equipment’s financial and experiential impact on the park.

After extensive discussions, comprehensive planning, professional customization, and over fifty days of manufacturing and shipping, the 36-seat Grasshopper amusement ride made its successful arrival at the Spanish port, ready to delight families and thrill-seekers alike. In conclusion, the successful installation of the techno jump ride in Spain adds a new dimension of excitement. It promises countless moments of joy for visitors and a bright future for Jose’s family entertainment park.

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