Before you buy our giant rides, you may be concerned about how to install big carnival rides. Generally speaking, the installation of TR large, thrilling rides requires some expertise and skills. And you should carry out the work in accordance with the installation guidelines and safety standards that we send you. The following are the general installation steps for your reference. But you should adjust the specific operation to different types of large rides.

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3 Steps to Install Big  Rides

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Before installing the big fun fair rides

Determine the installation site. You should consider many factors, including the size of the device, power requirements, and ventilation conditions. In short, you should choose a smooth, flat site, as far away from buildings and trees as possible, so as not to interfere with the use of equipment.

Prepare construction drawings. Formulate an installation plan based on the installation video, construction drawings and instructions we sent you.

During the installation of the large rides

First, install the foundation. The design of the foundation is also available in our drawings. Different types of rides require diverse foundations. In addition, most big fair rides need a foundation, such as a roller coaster and a pendulum ride, but some do not, such as a surf’s up amusement equipment for sale. To sum up, you should install the foundation according to the ride itself and the condition of the ground.

Secondly, install the support. Install the supports and fasten the bolts according to the structural requirements of the big fair ride.

Thirdly, install the major structures. Install the main body of the equipment according to the construction drawings. And fasten the components firmly.

Fourthly, connect the power supply. Connect the power supply and ground wire required by the equipment and ensure that the power supply is stable.

Fifthly, debug equipment. After completing the assembly and installation of our equipment, you should test and debug the machine to ensure its safety and stability.

After installing the big carnival rides

Install safety measures. Install necessary safety measures such as protective railings, warning signs, safety locks, etc.

Conduct training. Provide training to operators of the equipment to ensure they understand how to use the equipment properly and pay attention to safety precautions.

Maintenance. During the use of our amazing theme park rides, regular maintenance and repairs should be carried out to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

The above are the general steps on how to install big carnival rides. And different types of thrill rides may have minor differences in the installation operation. But don’t worry about that. We will send you all the necessary documents about our ride, including installation videos, product instructions and construction drawings. If needed, our company can also dispatch an engineer to your location to help you with the installation. Any problems you encounter with our large, thrill rides, feel free to contact us at any time and we will solve the problem the first time.

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