Large mechanical amusement ride, drop zone ride, is common at amusement parks, theme parks, and other recreation areas. As one of the 4 most popular tower rides with the public, this entertainment equipment also has another name, the free fall ride. That’s because passengers fall straight down with almost gravitational acceleration, which can be a memorable and exciting experience for them. Therefore, for a better management and customer experience, both investors and riders should follow the following tips for ride safety on drop tower ride.

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Tips for Investors to Manage a Drop Tower

As the manager of a drop zone fair ride, you are responsible for the safety of your visitors. Therefore, strictly conform to the following tips if you want to do brisk business.

Choose a drop tower amusement ride produced by regular and experienced amusement ride manufacturers, such as TR thrill ride manufacturer. Don’t buy low-priced, low-quality equipment because it is not cost-efficient.

Carefully read the instruction manual and safety precautions of the gyro drop ride issued by the manufacturer. If you have any question about the free fall amusement park ride, feel free to contact the manufacturer. TR will give you the best service.

Pay close attention to the safety status of tourists. Remind them to pay attention to safety matters and correct their behaviors that do not meet the safety requirements in a timely manner to eliminate potential safety hazards.

During the operation of a sky tower ride, regularly check the safety performance and the stability of the equipment to ensure its normal operation.

The play time of a drop tower ride for sale should not be too long. Hence, generally keep it under control for about 3-4 minutes.

In case of a safety accident for your tourists, rescue measures should be taken. In addition, carefully and responsibly deal with the aftermath.

Notice for Passengers to Ride a Drop Tower Ride

The thrill of a giant drop ride is comparable to that of a crazy roller coaster. Therefore, when riding an amusement park free fall, passengers should follow the following tips for ride safety on drop tower ride.

Drop Tower Amusement Ride
  • Follow the operating rules and regulations of an amusement park free fall ride. Moreover, obey the instructions of the staff.
  • Children under 1 meter in height are not allowed to ride, and children between 1 meter and 1.3 meters need to be accompanied by an adult.

Theme Park Freefall Drop Ride for Sale
  • People with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cervical spondylosis, and myopia should avoid riding the adrenaline equipment.
  • Fasten the seat belts and over-the-shoulder restraints.
  • When the gyro drop is started, passengers should lean forward.
Adrenaline Double Gyro Tower Ride for Outdoor Use


  • Don’t carry scattered items to avoid objects falling from high altitudes.
  • Don’t take the super shot carnival ride without a break, so as not to cause excessive pressure and damage to the body.

To sum up, if you have a proper operation and careful management of the machine, your business will certainly get better and better. What’s more, buying a good quality gyro drop ride from a trustworthy manufacturer is the key to success. So you can trust TR factory. We provide you with quality amusement park drop towers at different heights and capacities to match your park. Also if needed, we can offer you free professional CAD park designs to help you with the park planning. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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