Energy storm ride for sale is a type of modern amusement park thrill ride that is popular with young people, adults, and thrill-seekers. Its unique motion makes it stand out and worth investing in. So, if you are about to add more fun to your park, an energy claw ride can be the optimal choice. You can trust TR energy storm. We provide you with three common sizes of the equipment at factory price and customized service as well. Besides, the quality and safety of our energy storm rides are guaranteed. Furthermore, we will help you with the installation of the big fair ride. So don’t worry about that. Here are the details on the thrill energy claw entertainment equipment for your reference.

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How Do Energy Storm Rides Work?

Before investing in an amusement ride, you should have a clear understanding of how it works. Then you know if the equipment is what you want. As for an energy storm ride for sale, you can learn about it from two aspects. One is its main structure, and the other is its motion.

Main structures

Unique motion

Three Common Sizes of Energy Claw Entertainment Equipment for Your Business

An amusement energy storm ride falls into the category of a big fair ride. It has a large passenger capacity, ranging from 18 to 40. At TR company, there are three common sizes of energy storm amusement attractions for your choice, a 24-seat, a 32-seat, and a 40-seat.


Tell Us Your Needs! Custom Service Is Available at Our Company!

The above are the three common sizes of energy storm rides for sale at our company. Which do you need? Tell us!

By the way, if you want another size of an energy storm, feel free to let us know your needs. We can customize the size and capacity to meet your needs because we are a thrill ride manufacturer. Also, if you want to change the color of the equipment, certainly it’s available at TR company. In addition, we can change the decoration and add your logo to the machine. That way, you will obtain a unique energy storm ride, which can help your business attract more visitors.

How Do We Guarantee the Quality and Safety of the Energy Claw Amusement Attraction?

Product quality and safety are two of the top concerns when investing in thrill rides for sale. So what makes us to assure you of TR energy claw amusement equipment quality and safety?

Why Do We Say You Can Trust TR Energy Storm Ride?

We are a leading amusement park thrill ride manufacturer in China and have done deals with customers from all over the world. Besides, we have all the necessary certifications, so don’t worry if our products can be shipped to your country. Moreover, if you choose us, you will get professional and sincere all-round service. So trust us. TR can be your best partner.

Necessary Certificate

Our energy storm ride is ISO/CE/BV/SGS/GOST certified. Thus, feel free to contact us and let us know your needs. We ensure that the energy storm amusement ride is delivered safely to your location.

Big Foreign Market

In addition to the domestic market, we have a big foreign market. Until now we have established good relationships with customers from England, the US, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Zambia, the Bahamas, etc.

Professional Services

“Quality First; Customer Supreme” is our company tenet. We try our best to satisfy our clients. Any problem with our product, feel free to contact us. Also one-year warranty and lifetime technical support are promised.

What’s the Price of Our Energy Storm Ride for Sale?

As a large fair ride, the price of an energy storm amusement ride is certainly higher than that of a kid-friendly frog hopper carnival attraction.

As for a TR energy claw ride, its daily price ranges from $38,000 to $50,000, depending on the capacity and size of the equipment. Generally, the bigger the capacity, the more expensive the machine. But, that’s not the final price, which means the price is negotiable. If you make a faster or bigger deal, you will get a bigger discount. By the way, our company has a promotion these two months. It means that the product price can be lower than the usual price range. Don’t miss the chance! Contact us for the latest quotes!

How Do We Support You on the Installation of Energy Storm Equipment

How Do We Support You on the Installation of energy storm equipment

The installation of a large carnival ride is also a concern you may have. If you choose us, you don’t worry about it. We will provide you with all-around installation help.

On-site support

We can send engineers to your location to help with the installation of the energy storm ride if needed.

Online support

Feel free to contact us at any time if you encounter any problem with our energy claw amusement equipment. We will solve it as soon as we receive your message.

Video support

We also provide you with installation photos and videos to guide you through the installation of the amusement park energy storm entertainment equipment.

Staff training

In addition to the medial files, you will also get the operating manual of the energy storm ride for sale. We can train your staff online how to operate and maintain the equipment.

Our energy storm ride is equipped with colorful LED lights. It dazzles in the evening and is truly a feast for the eyes and a memorable experience for visitors. Don’t wait any longer! Invest in the cost-effective and quality fair ride for your business! You cannot imagine the considerable income that the energy storm entertainment equipment will bring you! Trust us! We will provide you with quality amusement rides at factory prices and the best professional services. Warmly welcome your inquires.

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