The frog hopper ride for sale, also known as the jumping frog ride, is a popular amusement ride that can be found at amusement parks, fairgrounds, and the like. It is a scaled down version of the drop tower ride, especially designed for the little ones in family and younger visitors. Therefore, the frog hopper is not only a type of thrill ride, but also a kiddie ride. This attractive amusement equipment introduces kids to a free fall experience in a safe environment and gives them a memorable experience. So there is no doubt that a frog hopper ride must be an anchor attraction at your business venue! The following are details on this type of kiddie thrill ride in terms of working principle, safety measures, price, and commercial value, for your reference.

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How Does a Jumping Frog Ride for Sale Work?

A frog hopper ride for sale is one of the top 4 TR amusement park tower rides popular with the public. Its main structures are gantry frame, frog-type FRP gondolas, and oil cylinder.

As to the working theory of this fun thrill ride, the gondola containing a row of seats is connected with the oil cylinder by passing around the fixed pulleys of the gantry frame with steel wire ropes. Besides, thanks to the continuous telescopic movement of the oil cylinder, the frog hopper slowly lifts riders to the top and pauses, then it unexpectedly drops them down and continues the jump up and down. Hence, riders sitting in the gondola can feel as if they are sitting on the back of a big, energetic frog. And they love the anticipation of not knowing when the next drop will be.

By the way, the up-and-down motion of a jumping frog ride is similar to that of a techno jump ride manufactured by our company. Actually, we design a crazy frog ride for kiddies, and a techno jump ride for adults and thrill-seekers. Both can be the anchor attractions for your park and help your business entice more visitors. Consider buying one for your business!

Double Side Frog Hopper Ride for Kids
Jumping Frog Ride FRP Decoration

How Do Our Frog Hopper Amusement Ride Ensure the Safety of Your Customers?

Before you make up your mind to invest in our kids amusement park frog rides for sale, perhaps the safety of the machine and your visitors is one of your top concerns, isn’t it? Rest easy, dear customers. Our jumping frog ride comes with dual safety features. Furthermore, for a better customer experience and longer equipment service life, you should pay attention to the right operation and routine maintenance.

Double safety measures

The double safety measures equipped on our frog hopper ride for sale ensure your players enjoy the machine. They are a safety belt for each seat and a lap-type restraint bar for the whole cockpit. These safety devices ensure that your customers maintain a stable sitting position during bumpy movements. Besides, although we originally designed a jumping frog ride for children, adults can also enjoy the equipment. But for the normal operation of the machine and for a better customer experience, we recommend that passengers weighing up to 75kg enjoy the frog jump ride.

Amusement Park Crazy Frog Ride for Kids

Careful management

  • Train your machine operators to ensure that they have a clear understanding of the operation of a frog jumping tower.
  • Fasten the double safety devices to ensure that all your riders are properly secured before starting the ride.
  • The frog hopper should be given a test run before each day’s official operation to make sure everything goes well.

Routine maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections are conducted to ensure the frog ride’s safety and functionality. If you perform routine maintenance on our frog jumping tower, it can last at least 12 years and possibly longer. Here are several tips for your reference.

  • The frog hopper ride for sale is a type of mechanical amusement ride. Therefore, for a smooth operation, you need to lubricate all the joints and parts of the equipment periodically.
  • Check for cracks and welds in the joint in case of a breakage. But take it easy, our frog hopper amusement ride is made of national quality steel Q235, which is firm and strong. In addition, we carry out magnetic powder inspection to ensure the fine welds of the jumping frog ride.

  • Periodically inspect the electrical system for secure connections, worn or damaged wires, and proper functioning of electrical components.

How Much Is TR Frog Jump Ride?

How much is it to order fair rides frog hopper? Is that what you want to know? In fact, prices of our frog hopper ride for sale range from $6,900 to $14,000. The price differs from the decoration and capacity. Overall, a usual type of frog hopper ride in our company is capable of carrying 6 people. And if you want one with a big capacity, of course it’s available. We can customize it according to your needs within the accepted range. Besides, the price is negotiable. The faster and bigger the order, the bigger the discount. We guarantee you will to get a quality crazy frog hopper ride at a factory price.

What’s more, honestly speaking, this kiddie amusement park thrill ride is cheaper than other TR tower rides, such as a park sky flyer ride, which is popular with adults and young people, and a family-friendly samba tower ride, because it has a smaller footprint. Therefore, if you have a limited budget or want to build a children’s amusement park, a frog hopper ride can be the optimal choice. If you have the enough budget and want to build a park that is suitable for people of all ages, we suggest investing in both a frog hopper ride for sale and a theme park thrill ride free fall tower. Welcome your inquiries!

Why Do We Say a Commercial Frog Hopper Can Be Beneficial to Your Business?

Frog Hopper Ride in Children's Amusement Park

Don’t you want to add more fun to your park and increase the foot traffic? Then you can not miss a frog hopper ride! It can be the anchor attraction in your park. That is to say, a frog hopper is beneficial for your business if you open up an amusement park for families and kids. Because a jumping frog ride with its vibrant colors and vivid designs can help your business attract more customers, especially children. It will bring you a considerable income if dealt properly.

As you know, a usual type of a frog hopper ride for sale has six seats. Besides, it only takes 3-4 minutes to complete a frog hopper ride. Hence, one jumping frog machine can carry around ninety people per hour. And as for the ticket, you can set the price by the local market. Multiple the profit of a carnival frog hopper ride brings per hour. Can you imagine how considerable the income will be? Also, there is no doubt that you can break even on your investment within weeks. Such a cost-effective kiddie thrill ride, don’t you want one? Don’t wait any more. Contact us  and add a fun frog hopper to your business!

How to Install a Frog Hopper Ride?

Installation of Jumping Frog Ride for Sale

Although a frog jumping tower ride is a small version of a theme park adrenaline tower ride, its installation should also be finished by trained construction crew. Compared to other amusement park thrill rides, it’s easy to install a frog hopper amusement ride. But, to ensure proper setup and safety, you should pay attention to the the installation. Here is a concise installation procedure for your reference.

  • Site inspection.Conduct a thorough inspection of the installation site to assess the terrain and space requirements. While generally, a frog hopper ride is suitable for any hard and flat ground.

  • Foundation preparation. This process is necessary to support the frog equipment’s weight and ensure its stability.

  • Unloading and positioning. Unload the ride components from the transportation vehicle and carefully position them near the installation site. Use appropriate equipment, such as cranes or forklifts, to maneuver and position the heavy parts.

  • Assembly. It’s not difficult to assemble a frog hopper ride components if you do it according to the manual we sent you.

  • Electrical connection. Connect the electrical wiring and components of the ride, including control panels, motors, lights, and safety systems.

  • Ride mechanism installation. Install the ride’s mechanical components, including the hydraulic systems, drive mechanisms, and safety restraints.
  • Testing and commissioning. Conduct thorough testing of the ride’s various functions. Following the guidelines we send you and applicable industry standards.

  • Inspection and Certification. Contact relevant regulatory authorities or third-party inspectors to conduct a final inspection of the installed jumping frog ride. Obtain the necessary permits and certifications to ensure compliance with local safety regulations.
  • Operational Training. Provide training to your ride operators and maintenance staff on how to operate and maintain the ride safely and effectively.
Installation of Kiddie Thrill Tower Ride

All in all, don’t worry about the installation. We will send you all necessary documents as we deliver the frog hopper ride for sale to you, including the installation drawings, instruction manual and installation videos. Also we can send engineers to your location to help with the installation if needed. What’s more, we aim at providing the best services for our clients. So, if you have any question about our equipment, feel free to contact us at any time and we will solve these questions as soon as possible.

Delivery of Kiddie Thrill Tower Ride

Is It Possible to Install Kid Amusement Park Frog Rides for Sale in a Mall?

The answer to this question is, of course, YES! Actually, our frog hopper ride is suitable for any indoor and outdoor place because of its relatively low height compared to other giant, large thrill rides such as amusement park observation wheels, vertical swing rides, etc. So places such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, playgrounds, residential areas, backyards, shopping malls, zoos, kindergartens, scenic spots, fairgrounds, and day care centers are good choices to install a jumping frog ride. As long as the ground is firm and flat, you can start a business with this attractive ride!

And if you want to install the frog jumping tower equipment in a shopping mall, that’s certainly feasible. But before you install the ride in a mall, you should note these following things in order to carry out the project smoothly.

Cockpit of Jumping Frog Ride

Matters Need Attention

  • Local regulations. Check with your local authority to see if there are any specific regulations or permits required for installing amusement rides in public spaces like shopping malls.
  • Mall management and policies. Contact the mall management to discuss your proposal. And if you are a mall manager, make sure that it is feasible to install a jumping frog ride in a shopping mall.
  • Space availability. Assess the available space within the mall to ensure it can accommodate a king frog fair ride for sale. In addition, for a better management, we suggest that you install this entertainment equipment in the atrium of the mall. And besides the frog hopper ride, you can also add other rides such as a mini mall tagada ride, small pirate ship ride for sale, kiddie Ferris wheel, etc. In that case, the atrium can be a small version of a children’s amusement park. And you don’t have to worry about the foot traffic in your mall. By the way, we can provide you with free CAD park designs if you have an idea for a small amusement park in a mall.

FAQ about TR Frog Hopper Ride You May Care about


We have certificates like CE, ISO, etc. Furthermore, we have sold our frog hopper rides for sale to countries around the world, including the USA, Russia, South Africa, England, India, and other. And our customers and their clients are happy with our products.


We have a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support. We can also extra give you some components of the machine for free, like LED lights. Besides, the warranty period and the discount are negotiable for a win-win cooperation. Feel free to contact us at any time.


We usually use wooden cases and 3-5 layers of high quality bubble films to pack products. Moreover, we can pack our jumping frog amusement ride according to your requirement. So feel free to let us know your needs.


Our delivery team load the goods according to the packing list strictly in order to ensure that no part will be left behind. Moreover, we usually ship our goods by sea. But air transportation is also available if needed.

TR Frog Hopper Ride

In short, TR jumping frog ride is worth investing in. It is safe, fun for riders and cost-effective for investors. So don’t you want such a ride ? It will definitely help your business entice more visitors, especially children, which means great revenue. In addition to the usual types of frog hopper ride we sell, we have the ability to customize the product as we are a professional amusement ride manufacturer. So if you have any requirement, feel free to let us know. We warmly welcome your inquiries.

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