A crazy surf ride is a type of thrill ride that is popular with people of all ages. And it’s suitable for almost any place. The most important thing you should do before starting an amusement business is to choose a quality machine. Then you should also have a knowledge of the FAQ on a surf’s up ride for sale. The following are the details on the TR surf’s up ride for your reference.

  1. High-quality surf attraction for sale
  2. Excellent pre-sale and after-sale services
  3. Reliable surf’s up ride manufacturer
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  3. Installation


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How Does a Surf’s Up Work?

The usual amusement rides on the market, such as the crazy wave ride, the bounty pirate ship ride, etc., all are equipped with cockpits on which the passengers sit. To attract more tourists, we design a skateboard-themed ride with passengers standing in the cockpit. And that is the surf’s up carnival ride.

Our surf machine is a large, exciting ride suitable for families. It works basically the same way as our disk ride. The skateboard-shaped gondola slides forth and back along a W-shaped track. At the same time, it rotates itself clockwise or anticlockwise. Back-to-back riders will feel as if they are surfing in the sea, and those who stand on the ends of the gondola can feel the most exciting.

In addition, we design the whole cockpit to be surrounded by handrails and skateboard-shaped backrests behind the passenger. So, you need not worry about your visitors’ safety. People of all ages can play with our surfing ride and enjoy the surrounding landscape and the wind in their faces. They will have a memorable experience.

Suitable Places to Start Your Business with Our Surf’s Up Ride for Sale

By and large, our surf’s up fair ride occupies a rectangular area. With enough space, you can start your business with our crazy surf ride at any indoor or outdoor location, such as amusement parks, theme parks, adventure parks, scenic spots, fairgrounds, parks, funfairs, squares, etc. Besides, a surf’s up water park can be a good choice.

Buy surf attraction for water park

Water Park Surf's Up Funfair Ride

Are you running or about to run a water park business? If the answer is yes, then how can you not invest in a surf’s up ride for sale? Literally speaking, our surf attraction relates to the sea and the water. We specially design the track with wave patterns in blue color to match the theme. Both the gondola and backrests are designed in the shape of a skateboard. Besides, we fit he machine with colorful LED lights to help you attract more visitors in the evening. By the way, customized service is available at TR. We can make a unique version to match the theme of your park!

If you want to add more fun to your water park, it will be a great choice to buy a surf’s up attraction from TR. You can install our machine in a pool full of water. In that case, as the surf’s up carnival ride is in operation, your players will be immersed in the surfing experience.

Furthermore, you can install our equipment by the river or the sea. And if you plan to build a surf’s up amusement park, you can also install the surf’s up fair ride in a pool, in the same way as it is in a water park. It can definitely be a unique attraction in your park! Feel free to contact us at any time. And we are free for park design.

3 Tips for Choosing a Quality Surf’s Up Ride

A best surf’s up ride for sale is the key to your business success. You can choose one from the following three aspects.

Prodcut Quality

High-quality surf attraction for sale

The quality of a surf’s up carnival ride is all that matters. To ensure quality, our surf’s up rides are made of superior corrosion-resistant and water-proof FRP and strong, firm international steel. Besides, we use professional car paint in a constant temperature and dust-free paint room to make the exterior shell of the machine brighter and more durable. The production process is done completely by our professional workers. So we are sure of the quality of our surf’s up.

Custom Pink Surf's Up for Outdoor Use

Best Service

Excellent pre-sale and after-sale services

A mature team should have excellent pre-sale and after-sale services. We have a professional sales team. They will promptly reply to any questions you may have about our surf’s up ride for sale and make you rest assured to buy our machine. As for the after-sale service, usually the warranty is one year, but it is negotiable. Besides, we provide you with free spare components and lifetime technical support. Feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems with our surf’s up equipment.

Reliable Manufacturer

Reliable surf’s up ride manufacturer

A surf dance ride manufacturer is not difficult to find out. But choosing a reliable one is not easy. Really, you can trust us. TR has more than 20 years of experience in the research, design, production and sale of more than 100 kinds of amusement rides. We have sold our surf rides all over the world. And our investors and buyers love it. As an amusement park ride manufacturer, we can provide you with a surf’s up carnival ride at factory prices and customized service to meet your needs.

FAQ about TR Mechanical Surfing Rides for Sale

To let you rest assured to invest in our surf’s up ride for sale, the following are several FAQs and answers about the equipment after you place your order.

We usually pack our surfing ride with bubble wrap, non-woven fabrics, stretch film, and wooden cases. It’s also available to pack the goods as your requirements.

We usually ship our surf’s up attraction to your nearest port by sea. Land transport is also acceptable if needed. In addition, it’s available to ship it by your shipping agent.

Don’t worry about the installation of our surf’s up amusement ride. You simply assemble the components based on the installation videos and drawings we send you. We can also train your workers online. If needed, we can dispatch an engineer to your city. But honestly, it’s easy to install our surfing ride.

All in all, the TR surf’s up ride for sale is worth the invest. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us and start your entertainment business as soon as possible!

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