A mini tagada is a compact-version of a big tagada fair ride, providing a safe yet exhilarating experience for passengers. Children pretty love this kiddie amusement ride. Besides, due to the feature of small size, a mini disco tagada is suitable for almost any indoor and outdoor places. Therefore, this affordable thrilling amusement equipment is a good choice for small amusement park owners, shopping mall owners or novice investors. Want to know more? Here are the details on mini amusement park rides for sale — Tagada for your reference.

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Is Disco Pang Pang Safe?

Safety of passengers determines whether your business can continue. You may know some tagada ride accidents happened in some areas. Does this make you worry that the attraction is still worth investing in? Actually, accident can happen with any amusement park ride. But it can be avoided if the following points can be strictly adhered to.

Several factors affecting the safety of disco tagada rides

Regular maintenance and thorough inspections are crucial to ensure that all mechanical parts are functioning correctly and that the ride is safe for operation.

The operator needs to be properly trained to control the ride safely and to handle emergency situations if they arise. Carefully study the manual instruction.

Riders must follow the safety instructions when playing the game. Holding onto the bars and not attempting dangerous stunts to get a safe ride experience.

The design of the carnival rides for sale should meet safety standards. Besides, the amusement park ride manufacturers should have a good track record for safety.

Compliance with local and international safety standards and regulations is essential for the safe operation of any amusement ride.

Individuals with certain health conditions or physical limitations should evaluate whether it is safe for them to participate in such a ride.

When these conditions are met, Disco Pang and similar amusement rides can be considered safe for the public.

Why can we guarantee the safety of mini disco tagada rides for sale?

Among the above six points, choosing a reliable tagada funfair ride manufacturer is the key. As a leading carnival ride manufacturer, what makes us to assure you that our mini tagada is safe for the tourists?

Magnitude of inclination:

The round platform of the disco turntable can flutter up and down while spinning. It is the major reason why tagada rides are popular with the public. As for our mini tagada disco ride, we set its magnitude of inclination to 11.5°. It is smaller than that of a large thrilling amusement park pang disco. But for children, a miniature tagada for sale is fun enough.

Adjustable rotating speed

The rotating speed of our mini disco pang pang is adjustable between 0-8 rpm. In addition, our equipment support two operations, one is manual operation, and the other is automatic operation. So you can control the tagada ride yourself, ensuring safety all the time.

Protective handrails

As you know, the disco turntable attraction does not have seat belts to keep riders in their seats. Actually, people hold the handrails around the edge of the rotating platform of the equipment to ensure their safety. More importantly, the seats, backrests, and handrails of our tagada rides all are packed by EPE foam and sponge. This greatly reduces the risk of riders’ injury.

Kid-friendly fairground rides

We designed many small-size amusement rides for sale specifically for children, including the mini tagada, mini swing pirate ship ride, kiddie Ferris wheel, frog hopper carnival ride, backyard roller coaster, etc. And we have sold these quality products to buyers all over the world. As a result, our products are well-received by tourists, especially kiddies.

Where Is the Mini Tagada Ride?

A mini tagada disco can be seen in almost any indoor and outdoor places. The versatility of the mini disco turntable makes it ideal for various venues, including amusement parks, family entertainment centers, carnivals, and even malls or outdoor festivals. As for parameter, the equipment requires an area of 4.5 meters long, 4 meters wide, and 3 meters high. Therefore, its smaller footprint allows for easy integration into locations with limited space. Moreover, the mobility of mini disco pan pang means you can set up and dismantle it with relative ease. So, tagada rides for sale are perfect for traveling fairs or temporary events.

Technical Specification of Mini Tagada Disco

Capacity Area Size Rotating Speed Voltage Power Customized Service Warranty
8 People 4.5mL*4mW*3mH 0-8rpm 380V 12 KW Acceptable 12 Months

How Much Money Do I Need If I Want to Buy a Set of Small-size Disco Pang Pang?


If you have any understanding of amusement equipment, you must know that capacity and design of rides mainly affect the price. So does a mini tagada. The 8-seat mini disco tagada ride for sale is cheaper than tagada amusement park ride with a larger capacity. It ranges from $7,000-$10,000 for reference. The more decorations, the more expensive the tagada fair ride. We can customize the backdrops and equipment color if needed. Also other customization is acceptable. Simply tell us. By the way, it is not the transaction price. Because shipment and tariff also influence the cost to buy a disco pang pang. Additionally, in the two months we have big discount for kiddie amusement rides. Don’t miss the chance! Contact us to get the latest quote!

What Exciting Experience Will My Tourists Get While Riding the Tagada Ride?

Operationally, the mini disco turntable features a circular platform with seating around the edge. As the ride begins, the platform rotates while bouncing up and down to the rhythm of the music. LED lights and a state-of-the-art sound system add to the disco atmosphere, creating a party-like environment. By the way, you can control the speed and intensity of the ride, catering to the preferences of the riders and ensuring safety at all times. They will get a safe yet exhilarating experience that combines music, movement, and lights.

To sum up, mini tagada is an affordable and versatile ride. If you are looking to add a touch of excitement to your entertainment offerings, this carnival ride is a valuable addition due to its engaging operation, customizable features, and suitability for diverse locations.

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