As a popular and exciting amusement park thrill ride, Drop Tower or Free Fall ride gives riders a memorable experience. This machine sometimes rises and sometimes falls. How do drop towers slow down? Do you know that? Actually, it is a type of mechanical amusement ride that utilizes a hydraulic braking system to safely decelerate and eventually stop the descending cabins or gondola. Here’s how the hydraulic braking system works in such a ride.

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  • Hydraulic Cylinders: The hydraulic braking system of an adrenaline drop tower carnival attraction includes one or more hydraulic cylinders filled with hydraulic fluid or another working medium. When deceleration is needed, the cabin is connected to these hydraulic cylinders.

  • Control Valves: Hydraulic control valves are used to regulate the amount of fluid entering and leaving the cylinder, controlling the descent speed of the cabin.

  • Pressure Dissipation: During braking, the weight of the cabin of the gyro drop ride forces the piston to push the hydraulic fluid through a narrow opening, creating resistance. This resistance slows down the movement of the piston, which in turn slows the descent of the cabin.

  • Energy Conversion: The kinetic energy of the descending cabin is converted into pressure energy in the hydraulic fluid, which is then transformed into heat energy through the resistance in the control valve and absorbed by the system.

  • Smooth Deceleration: By precisely controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid, a smooth and continuous deceleration can be achieved until the free fall tower’s cabin safely stops at the bottom.

  • Emergency Braking: If necessary, the resistance in the hydraulic fluid can be rapidly increased to stop the cabin quickly in emergency situations.

Drop Towers Slow Down Principles
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Now you know “how do drop towers slow down”. Hydraulic braking systems are highly reliable, able to withstand significant use, and offer strong, controllable braking forces. However, such systems require regular inspections and maintenance to ensure the hydraulic fluid is clean, valves are functioning correctly, and the entire system is leak-free.

Safety is paramount for amusement park drop towers. So in addition to the hydraulic braking system, backup or auxiliary braking systems are also typically in place to provide an additional layer of safety. Ride operators must also be rigorously trained to ensure safe operation under all conditions. If you are about to buy this equipment, feel free to contact us. We are specialist thrill ride manufacturer.

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