Pirate ship rides for sale are a must-have at recreational places such as amusement parks, malls, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, playgrounds, etc. For different activities and venues, you can invest in different types and sizes of amusement rides pirate ship for sale. If you manage a shopping mall and want to attract more visitors, especially kids, to the mall, then a mini pirate ship for sale will be the optimal choice. Besides, a large swinging ship ride is suitable for amusement parks. Regardless of the type of viking ship ride you are considering buying, the installation of the equipment is what you care about. Do you know how to install a pirate ship ride?

In simple terms, the installation of a pirate boat ride for sale can be divided into four parts, containing the control box section, landing leg section, host (power) section, and ship section. Here are the details on the installation procedure for your reference.

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Installation Procedure of a Pirate Ship Ride

Install the landing leg section

Take out the four landing legs, check the serial numbers which written on the landing legs and the underbed. Then fix the landing legs on the underbed according to the corresponding serial numbers.

With all the landing legs in place, install the beam at the top of the swinging pirate ship ride. Connect with bolts after aligned the holes.

When the beam installation is complete, then install the pull rod. Connect the four pull rods with the connection position of the beam. Connect with bolts after aligned with holes.

Install the ship body section

When the pull rods installation is complete, then install the ship gondola. Align the four lugs of the body of the ship ride with the holes of pull rods, and connect them with the pin shaft.

Install the host section

When finished the connection of ship with landing leg, put the host (power) section under the ship. Move the wheel of host to the 1/4 position. When you have finished the whole installation, turn on the machine to adjust the wheel to the best position.

Install the control box section

Place the control box in place, take out the power cord set, and connect all the ends of the power cord to the corresponding control box ends according to the line number. Connect the other end of the power cord to the reservation line of the main frame. L1/L2/L3/N are incoming line.

Install Decorations

When you have finished the whole machine installation, install the decorations of a rocking boat ride. Then, a pirate ship amusement ride in completely installed. Beautiful decorations equipped on the equipment can attract more visitors.

The above is an outline of how to install a pirate ship ride. Besides, please note that the above steps are for reference only. And the installation process may vary depending on the ship ride model and design requirements. By the way, during the installation process, strictly follow the installation instructions provided by the amusement ride manufacturer and comply with relevant safety regulations. And, if you choose our company as your partner, we will provide you with the quality swing boat ride and sincere and professional services. Also, if needed, we can send an engineer to your location to help you with the installation. Any questions you have about our pirate ship amusement ride, feel free to contact us at any time.

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