An amusement park of 3000 square meters can install different types of amusement rides. You can buy directly from an amusement ride manufacturer if you have an idea of what rides to buy. Or you can also find a manufacturer that can provide you with quality amusement facilities and professional park design. TR is one such manufacturer. For a 3000sqm amusement park for sale, we suggest family-friendly large rides. Besides, we have many design ideas for the park. Here is a park design consisting of 7 types of amusement park rides for your reference.

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7 Recommended Rides for a 3000sqm Amusement Park for Sale

We suggest you install twelve electric bumper cars in an area of 250 square meters. The dodgem car has a great charm for both children and adults. Players sitting in the cars crash into each other. Hence, the exciting experience is unforgettable for them.

This chain carousel amusement ride looks like a drop tower swing ride. Passenger gondolas are suspended by chains and wire ropes. Riders can enjoy a sense of freedom.

It is a family-friendly ride. What’s more, people can control the lift and descent of their own cockpits with buttons, as if they were flying planes.

A carousel merry-go-round is suitable for any business. As for an amusement park or theme park, it is a must have. People of all ages will fall in love with the fantastic ride.

Samba tower ride

A balloon samba tower attraction for sale looks similar to a samba balloon ride, but is taller than that. There are several colorful balloon cockpits around a central axis. They go up and down and rotate clockwise or anticlockwise at the same time. Such unique design appeal to people of all ages.

Honestly, the wacky worm coaster, also known as the Big Apple, is the most popular small-scaled roller coaster entertainment equipment with people, especially the kid. The main body of the coaster is a green fruit worm with an odd but funny face, which entices children to have a try.

It is actually a special design of small roller coaster for families. It has a modern interchange track. Ten sports cars in bright colors run simultaneously along the track direction in an automatic steering system. Moreover, with colorful lights and beautiful music, children will get a happy and memorable experience with their families.

All of the seven amusement facilities are good choices for a 3000sqm amusement park for sale. What’s more, they can carry many people at a time. So, your park will certainly get a quick investment return. If you are interested in our rides, feel free to contact us at any time!

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