It costs you a lot to build 6000sqm amusement park because it is so large. Furthermore, you should buy more rides to get the most out of the land area. But in other words, the more amusement facilities you have in your park, the faster your park can earn a return on investment. Therefore, if you are about to set up an amusement park or theme park, don’t wait. The amusement park business has a broad future and you won’t regret investing in it! For the 6000-square-meter amusement park, we suggest you to build a comprehensive park for people of all ages. So consider installing both thrill rides and family rides. Here are 15 amusement park rides for sale, for your reference.

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15 Recommended Rides for a 6000-Square-Meter Amusement Park

A classic Ferris wheel attraction is a landmark in a park or even a city. So, you can not miss the romantic facility.

Rotating coffee cup rides have a romantic, luxurious appearance, and colorful painting. The whole turntable rotates, and the cups rotate at the same time. By the way, this type of ride for sale is especially suitable for families and lovers!

In contrast to a sky swing amusement attraction, the flying chair is more kid-friendly. Players in the chairs will enjoy the wind and freedom

It is also a type of fun small coaster ride, same as a wacky worm coaster or slide dragon coaster. Riders scream as the facility run at fast speed. Therefore, it will add more fun to your park!

Both the central column decoration and gondolas are octopus-shaped cockpits. So, players feel as if they were traveling in the sea.

Children really love the self-control plane equipment. That’s because they control their gondolas themselves, as if they were flying planes.

With the vibrant music and strong movement, riders will get a strong sensation of jolts and spins. So, the tagada fair ride will give your players a memorable experience.

Large pirate ship

The unique design of a swinging ship carnival ride entices visitors to try it out. Furthermore, as the ship swings back and forth from slow to fast, riders will feel constant weightlessness.

It is a large amusement ride that rotates at high speeds. Tourists sit in the cabins in a circle. Besides, accompanied by rhythmic music, the equipment will rotate, turn ups and downs, making tourists feel like surfing on the ocean waves.

We suggest you to invest in ten electric bumper cars in a 150-square-meter area. Players crash into each other, which is the charm of dodgems.

No one will refuse the fantastic merry-go-round ride. It is certainly a good investment and a must-have in any park.

The circular gondola of the pendulum frisbee entertainment equipment rotates itself. In the mean time, the pendulum itself also swings back and forth at an increasing swing angle.The sensation of weightlessness and overweight makes the rider’s heart thump.

The techno jump ride has twelve arms, each of which carries three people. Its up-and-down bounce gives players a strong shock and jolt.

The skateboard-shaped gondola of crazy surf ride slides forth and back along a W-shaped track. At the same time, it rotates itself clockwise or anticlockwise. For back-to-back riders, it can feel like they are surfing in the sea.

It consists of many colorful components that made from PE. Passengers sitting in the donut sliding mat can feel the wind in their faces.

What Can We Do for Your 6000sqm Amusement Park Project?

  • First, we give you sincere and professional advice on the choice of quality rides.

  • Second, we can help you layout your park rides, and make free CAD park designs to suit your needs.

  • Third, as a manufacturer, we will directly transport the products to the nearest port of your location.

  • Fourth, we send you all the necessary documents, including the installation videos and construction drawings. Also, we will guide you to finish installation and train your staff. More importantly, if needed, we can dispatch engineers to your location to help with the installation.

  • Last but not least, we offer you an intimate pre-sale consultation and the best after service with a one-year warranty and free lifetime technology support.

Of course it takes a lot of effort to build 6000sqm amusement park. But a reliable, strong manufacturer can help you a lot. What’s more, the investment return of your park is considerable. Therefore, you should be confident about the future of your park. Not waiting any longer, contact us for free park designs and product catalog!

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