Many visitors go to an amusement park or theme park for a drop tower amusement ride. This thrill ride is one of the hot selling tower rides popular with people of all ages because they can experience an exciting ride in a safe environment, making it unforgettable. So it’s a good investment for the park entertainment business. You can buy a free fall tower ride based on the giant drop height and the usage place. Here are the details on the TR drop ride for your reference.

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What Physical Principle Does TR Drop Zone Amusement Ride Use?

To give visitors a free fall experience, we have designed a freak out ride for sale, the free fall ride. The main structure of the tower ride is a tall column, the same as a vertical swing tower amusement facility. It looks like a rocket launch tower from a distance and is spectacular. Tracks are attached around the tower for the cockpit to climb and descend. When our gyro tower ride is in operation, the cockpit carrying riders is lifted to a high altitude for a short period of time and then released to free-fall down the tower. At the same time, our tower equipment can rotate 360 degrees around a vertical axis.

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What’s more, we design the machine to repeat the motion several times, so that riders can experience different degrees of weightlessness and dizziness. As a result, our drop tower amusement ride is popular with teenagers and thrill seekers.

How Can We Ensure the Safety of Your Visitors on Our Drop Tower Ride?

A drop zone tower is a tall, thrilling amusement park ride. So you may be concerned about the safety of your visitors as they ride the scary drop. But honestly speaking, the gyro drop looks dangerous, but it’s actually a very safe amusement ride, the same as a roller coaster attraction. When we design a drop down tower, we take the safety and emergency measures into consideration. Each seat of our drop tower for sale has double protection, a shoulder-type safety bar and a seat belt. In addition, the equipment is equipped with an emergency safety limit device. If there is a sudden power failure, our drop zone ride will slowly descent. By the way, there are sensors to detect the giant drop speed, which we set to no more than 4 m/s to maintain the normal operation of the drop gyro machine and create a good passenger experience.

So don’t worry about your visitor’s safety. They will certainly have an unforgettable experience riding our free fall drop.

Buy a Drop Tower based on Its Height and the Usage Place

A drop tower amusement ride is available at several heights and capacities. And different sizes of the equipment are suitable for different locations. Before you start your entertainment business, you can buy a free fall amusement ride based on the giant drop height and planned usage place. The following are five drop towers of different heights for your amusement ride business.

Double Gyro Tower Ride for Outdoor Use
Crazy Drop Tower Park Ride
Double Gyro Tower Ride for Outdoor Use
Crazy Drop Tower Park Ride

Mini drop tower

The little ones in the family are too young to ride a giant amusement park tower drop, so we design a mini drop tower for them. It features a frog decoration on the top of the tower. So you can also call it a frog hopper amusement ride. Our tower ride lifts the child to a certain height, and then jumps down in sections, as if the rider is sitting on the back of a big frog and jumping. In addition, though our frog hopper ride for sale is a kid-friendly thrill ride, it is capable to carry adults. What’s more, it covers a small area, so you can place it in any location, such as parks, fairs, playgrounds, carnivals, shopping malls, kindergartens, and any indoor or outdoor place.

13m drop tower ride for sale

We design a 13m drop tower amusement ride for indoor and outdoor entertainment businesses. Besides the outdoor locations, a shopping mall is also suitable for the ride. You can place an indoor drop tower in the atrium space of the mall. And it will certainly attract more visitors. So you won’t have to worry about the foot traffic at your mall. In addition, our free drop can carry 16 people at a time. This will be another steady income stream for you.

23m sky tower free fall

A 23m carnival drop tower is suitable for outdoor use. You can install it in scenic spots, parks, pedestrian streets, etc. The tower ride of this size occupies an area of 81 square meters. Riders can reach a height of 20 meters. In addition, we use professional automobile paint to make the steel tower in beautiful colors, and fix colorful LED light troughs on the tower. At night, when the lights are shining, it looks pretty gorgeous.

32m big drop ride

It is an amusement park free fall ride. We use dual oil cylinders to drive the equipment up and down. Besides, it occupies the same area as a 23m drop zone fair ride, but is much taller. Visitors can reach a height of 25m and then descend at a speed of no more than 4m/s, giving them an exciting and memorable experience. In addition to a theme park drop tower, you can invest in other thrilling amusement park rides, such as a pirate ship ride for sale, an amusement park hammer ride, a ferris wheel ride for sale, etc.

40m sky drop

Our 40m drop tower scream zone can carry 20 people. Visitors can get a bird’s-eye view of their surroundings from a height of 30m. So, a sky tower ride of this size can be an iconic building in your park, a scenic spot, or even be a landmark in your city. In addition, our giant drop ride is made of high quality FRP and Q235 international steel, which gives the equipment at least 12 years of use.

To sum up, our high quality drop tower amusement ride is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Customized service is also available at TR. Besides, you don’t have to worry about the installation of the amusement ride. You simply put the components together based on the installation videos and drawings we send you. We can also dispatch an engineer to your location if needed. Once you choose us, you need not worry about the follow-up progress. Our professional team will update you on the progress. Rest assured and believe in us. And we guarantee that you will receive a satisfactory drop tower amusement ride. If you are interested, feel free to contact us at any time.

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