Mini pirate ship ride is a kind of kiddie ride for sale. It can accommodate 8-12 people and occupies a smaller area than a 24/40 big pirate ship ride. Therefore, it is easy to transport. With dynamic music and adorable design, a mini pirate ship ride for sale is attractive to children. Additionally, purchasing a small-size viking ship ride costs much less than purchasing a huge pirate ship amusement park ride. Therefore, for small business investors or novice investors, a mechanical swing boat kiddie ride is a good choice. Now, are you looking for a quality and cost-effective kiddie pirate ship carnival ride? The following are details on TR bounty ride for your reference.

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2 Models of Mini Viking Ship Ride for Your Choice

Before making up your mind’s to buy a pirate ship, you need to know exactly where you plan to use the mini pirate ship ride. Do you put the boat ride in a permanent children’s amusement park, or do you want to use the equipment in temporary carnivals or parties? This question is necessary. It determines which model of amusement rides pirate ship for sale is best for your business. At our company, we offer two models of mini pirate ship for sale.

All in all, both the two types of our mini pirate ships for sale are equipped with safety fences. Besides, there are seat belts and handrails on the bounty ride to keep passengers’ safety. So don’t worry about that. We ensure that people can have a memorable experience riding your swinging pirate ship ride.

Do You Have an Idea of What Kind of Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale to Buy?

After deciding which type of pirate ship kiddie carnival ride to buy, you need to choose a ship ride style that you like. But there are different types of pirate ships, how can you make the optimal choice? Here are two tips for your reference.

  • On the one hand, take the theme of your park into consideration. If you have a jungle-themed entertainment park, then jungle-themed small swing boats for sale are the best choice. While if your party is in the theme of Frozen, then we recommend a white snow-themed kiddie viking ship amusement ride.
  • On the other hand, consider the target group of your park. By and large, our mini pirate ship ride is designed for children between 2-12 years old. At the same time, adults are also allowed to ride on pirate ship and have precious parent-child time. Hence, if your ship ride is for families, then a vintage black gun barrel ship design is a good choice. And if you want to attract more girls to patronize your business, we recommend a pink dreamlike pirate ship pendulum ride.

As a professional pirate ship ride manufacturer, here are some of our hot-selling designs of mini viking ship rides for sale for your reference.

Different Types of Pirate Ships for Sale | Green Jungle | Blue Ice Snow | Black Gun Barrel | Pink Dream | Unpowered Swing Boat |Different Types of Pirate Ships for Sale | Green Jungle | Blue Ice Snow | Black Gun Barrel | Pink Dream | Unpowered Swing Boat |






Green jungle-themed mini ride on pirate ship — Jungle Adventure

This mini pirate ship ride is a hit with little kids. There are many lovely decorations. There is a sun pattern FRP decoration on the top of the pendulum amusement ride, and the expression looks friendly and interesting. This adds to the appeal of the entire device. In addition, there are green railings around the hull. The railings are decorated with elements of palm leaves, adding a touch of island adventure theme to the bounty ride. What’s more, in order to ensure the safety of children while playing, we have installed protective railings and safety belts on the seats. Children can enjoy a simulated sea voyage in a safe environment.

Blue ice-themed mini swinging ship ride — World of Ice and Snow

This pirate ship attraction is suitable for winter or ice and snow themes. Our design for this equipment was inspired by the well-known movie Frozen. The overall color scheme of this device is blue and white. The top is topped with a shiny blue snowflake-like FRP ornament. The white fence, light blue hull, and dark blue support platform covered with star patterns all highlight the uniqueness of this pirate ship swing ride. When the LED lights come on, this device will definitely be the most shining anchor attraction in winter!

Black gun barrel classic viking ship ride — Fight against Pirates

This is the classic viking ship ride design. It is very popular with children, especially boys. This small pendulum amusement ride is full of pirate elements, such as rudders and skeletons. In addition, the hull has a gun decoration. This makes the children feel as if they are traveling on an ancient war ship. Besides, this pirate ship ride is black as the base, gold as the embellishment. The kind of color combination makes this mechanical carnival ride look very advanced. Also, the fence is black. It is decorated with colored LED lights and ornaments with pirate heads and rudders. Fences are good for protecting passengers and maintaining order among tourists.

Pink candy-themed swing boat kiddie ride — Girl’s Favorite

We also have designed a modern mini ride on pirate ship for girls. In terms of appearance, pirate boat ride is mainly pink and white. The top of the facility is decorated with a candy logo with wings. The sign says “PRINCESS”. Decorations of cartoon candy and donuts also hang from the facility’s white fence. Overall, the device creates a dreamy, sweet atmosphere. Children who like fairy tales will love this amusement equipment very much.

Unpowered swing boat — Must-have Playground Equipment for Kids

In addition to mechanical viking ship amusement ride, our company also produces a kind of swing boat for sale that does not need electricity to operate. If you are looking for equipment for playground or backyard, this unpowered pirate ship ride is a good choice. It can enhances communication between parents and children. At the same time, the equipment can exercise children’s physical coordination. Which mini pirate ship ride do you prefer? Feel free to tell us.

To sum up, several designs of mini pirate ship ride are available at our company. We also offer customized service. Logo, color, decoration, and the ship design all are customizable. In August, we designed and produced a custom kiddie rocking boat ride in a spaceship design for our customer. He put in in his mall. And this kiddie ride helped the mall attract more families with the little ones. What’s your need? Let us know! We promise to give you the best service and quality products!

Technical Specification of Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

Capacity Area Size Height Tread Voltage Power Material Customized Service Warranty
8-12 People 6mL*4mW 3.5m 1*1m 380V 3Kw Steel+FRP Acceptable 12 Months

What’s Your Budget for Buying a Mini Rocking Boat Ride?

Do you have a clear knowledge of the cost to start a business with a mini swinging ship ride? While if you are a novice investor, you should notice the following aspects when budgeting for the purchase of a pirate ship ride for sale.

$ 4,800
$ 9,300
  • First, you should know that the basic factors affecting the pirate ship ride price are the capacity and design of a kiddie mechanical ride. Generally, a 12-seat sea dragon ride costs a little more than a 8-seat sea dragon ride for sale. And the more luxurious the amusement ship rides, the more expensive the kiddie carnival rides.

  • Second, material of the mini pirate ship ride hull is also a major factor. By and large. the price of a glass reinforced plastic pirate ship is slightly higher than that of a steel viking ship. That’s because designing and producing a FRP amusement ride needs a higher labor cost and a longer production time. And the whole production is done in independent workshops. Thanks to our expert engineer and skillful workers, customers can receive quality pirate ship swing ride.

  • Last but not least, a mini rocking pirate ship ride with trailer is more expensive than a classic amusement park upside down pirate ship.

In addition to capacity, design, material, and type, freight and customization also affect the transaction price. All in all, the price of a mini pirate ship ride for sale ranges from $4,800 to $9,300. Furthermore, we can give you a discount if you make an order now! Because our company has a promotion activity these two months. Don’t miss the chance! We await for your inquiry.

To sum up, a mini pirate ship ride is attractive for families with the little ones. These kiddie amusement rides for sale can help increase your business traffic. And due to the size of a mini swing boat ride, it’s easy to transport anywhere. In that case, if you find that one place has poor traffic, you can easily put the kiddie mechanical ride in another place with good traffic to make money. More importantly, the cost of a mini swinging boat amusement park ride is less than that of a super viking ride. So a mini pirate ship pendulum ride is the optimal choice for novice investors. Want to get more advice on purchasing an amusement ride for sale for your business? Feel free to contact us at any time. We have a professional team to help you.

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