A pendulum ride is a type of carnival ride that swings back and forth. It includes many amusement ride designs such as the pirate ship attraction, the Kamikaze ride, the Lopping Starship, etc. But when it comes to a pendulum amusement park ride, we usually think of Frisbee rides, which have other names, like the gyro swing ride and hammer swing ride. The following are details on the popularity of the Frisbee amusement ride at an amusement park, and advice on buying the right-sized pendulum ride and other amusement park attractions for your business, just for your reference.

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Why Can Our Frisbee Ride be Popular at Your Amusement Park?

If your amusement park has thrilling rides, no doubt a large number of visitors will come to your park in search of excitement. And our pendulum amusement park ride will be one of the most popular attractions with the public at your park. The reason for its popularity relates to the deign idea of our equipment and the unforgettable experience it brings your visitor.

Design idea for TR swinging pendulum ride

Thrill Pendulum Ride for Anyplace and Anyone

Taken as a whole, our Frisbee ride swings back and forth around a horizontal axis. It consists of a large circular gondola, seating multiple riders, attached to the end of a long pendulum arm and suspended between two supporting arms. In addition, our gondola itself rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. Hence, your passengers can become dizzy under the combined action of the two rotations. Furthermore, as the ride swings back and forth, tourists will experience the weightlessness and overweight, which will excite them. What’s more, when the gondola reaches the top, your visitors can get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape.

To sum up, our pendulum amusement park ride is a magnet for your visitors. It makes them forget the trouble and just focus on the screams and laughter.

How does our amusement park hammer ride thrill and entice your riders?

Our pendulum amusement ride is a type of thrilling ride. Some people dare not to ride it because they think the pendulum machine is dangerous and scary. But there are still a large number of visitors, especially young people and thrill-seekers, coming to your park specially to ride the hammer amusement ride. It can be explained from tow aspects.

On the one hand, being on a swinging pendulum ride gives your visitors the sensation of weightlessness and overweight, and of having their heart beating faster. This amusement park ride is thrilling, but once the machine stops, it feels like they narrowly escaped death. After the emotions have slowly subsided, your customers get psychological satisfaction, feeling happy and brave for having successfully challenged themselves. On the other hand, from start to stop of the device, your customers have gone from extreme tension and fear to relaxation and confirmation that they are safe, which makes them release daily stress and feel physically and mentally happy.

How Large Is Your Amusement Park & Who Are the Target Users of TR Pendulum Ride?

How big is your amusement park or theme park? Is your park designed for children, families or young people? These two questions are factors in buying which size of pendulum ride for your park.

Big pendulum amusement park ride

We design this large thrilling ride specifically for young people and thrill seekers who enjoy thrilling, big carnival rides. The scary swing ride undoubtedly gives your visitors a sense of the edge of life. In addition, our giant Frisbee ride occupies a large area and its gondola swings back and forth constantly. So do not install other tall rides around. In addition, the gondola of our big pendulum will seat at least twenty-four passengers. Hence, it will bring you good revenue. Furthermore, by and large, the swing angle of a big pendulum is usually around 220 degrees. But it is adjustable and customizable if needed, the same goes for passenger capacity. So please feel free to contact us and let us know your needs.

Giant Hammer Roller Coaster for Theme Park

Medium-sized pendulum ride

It is capable of seating from 12 to 20 people. With a 120-degree swing angle and constant rotations, passengers feel weightlessness and dizziness. And they will have a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding landscape. Besides, our medium-size Frisbee amusement ride is suitable for almost any amusement park. And both adults and children can ride the machine. So it can be a cost-effective investment for your business.

Middle Size Pendulum Ride

Mini pendulum ride for children

We also produce a mini pendulum ride, the smallest model of the pendulum carnival ride. It seats six kids or adults, and is thrilling and fun enough for kids. If you are about to build a children’s amusement park, our mini Frisbee ride for sale must be a great choice! In addition, our small pendulum equipment takes up a very small area. So it is a good investment no matter the size of your park. What’s more, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. Therefore, you can conveniently transport it from place to place.

Mini Pendulum Ride for Kids

Recommended Amusement Park Rides besides TR Swinging Pendulum Ride

If you own an amusement park and want to add more attractions to your park, or if you are about to start an amusement park business and want to know what types of attraction rides are good investments, here’s some advice for you.

How do you plan your amusement park?

You should consider the amusement park area size and the target user of your park.

  • First, an attractive amusement park should consist of both thrilling rides and family rides, so that your park can attract more visitors, including thrill seekers and families with the little ones.

  • Secondly, a comprehensive amusement park should consist of both big fun fair rides and small carnival rides. That way, your park can be used to the fullest.

  • Finally, you should take tourists into consideration, and think about what types of amusement park rides for sale people of different ages like.

Crazy Pendulum Frisbee Entertainment Equipment at Park
Shining and Colorful Pendulum Carnival Ride in the Evening

What types of amusement rides are good investment?

If you are interested in our Frisbee ride or other park rides, please feel free to contact us at any time. We provide you with professional advice and more than a hundred kinds of high-quality amusement rides. Customized services and free park designs are also available at TR factory. We warmly welcomes you to come to visit us for guidance.

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