Before your amusement ride business opens to the public, you should know amusement ride safety regulations and standards. Besides, it’s necessary to place warning signs to let your park visitors know the matters need attention. This will make your visitor experience better and make your amusement business more popular. The following is common notice for using TR amusement rides for your reference.

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Common Notice for Riding Amusement Rides

  • Store your valuables and handbags in the depository or hand them over to your companions when you are riding amusement rides.

  • Obey the instructions of the staff.

  • Wear safety devices such as seat belts and safety bars.

  • When riding the water amusement facilities, do not leave the equipment and play in the water.

  • When riding tall amusement rides such as vertical swing amusement facility, do not throw objects.

  • During the operation of the ride, do not extend your head, hands and other body parts out of the equipment.

  • Do not carry sticks and other objects while playing, and do not throw objects.

  • While playing, if you feel uncomfortable, immediately contact the staff for help.

  • Don’t remove the safety protection device or jump off the equipment while it is in operation.

  • Unfasten the safety devices and leave the equipment after it has stopped completely.

  • When a sudden power outage causes the device to hang in the air or you cannot leave the equipment, do not move, and wait patiently for the rescue.

People Who Are Not Suitable for Riding Large, Thrill Rides

Tourists under 1.2 meters in height are not suitable for large-scale thrill equipment, such as the giant drop tower. But they can ride thrill rides specifically designed for children, such as the frog hopper ride.

For the health of tourists, people with acrophobia, heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, cervical spondylosis, pregnant women, the elderly people and drunker are not suitable for riding thrilling amusement park rides.

To sum sup, the notice for using amusement rides is important and necessary for your amusement park business’s future. And different types of rides may have slightly different matters need attention. You can place warning signs based on the rides you install in the park.

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