It costs you a lot to build 8000sqm amusement park. But at the same time, it means a substantial investment return. Therefore, it’s important to rationally make a park layout and get the most out of the land area. This way helps your park attract more visitors. Here are 20 rides for an 8000 sq.m. amusement park for your reference.

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10 Recommended Family Rides for 8000sqm Amusement Park

We cooperated with Longines Watch and customized a unique design carousel, the Longines carousel, for the company. If needed, we can also provide you with custom service.

Passengers can control the rise and descent of their cockpit, just like riding a bike. So, parents can ride it with their kids. Moreover, it’s a good choice to develop their relationship.

It is a family ride, similar to a coffee cup ride. The colorful and attractive bee design really entices kids.

The appearance of big octopus rides is peculiar and innovative. Besides, we equip the equipment with lots of LED lights. So, it is dazzling at night and is attractive.

Families and lovers really love the rotating teacup ride. While the chassis spins in one direction, the coffee cup gondola rotates in the opposite direction.

Kids train

A train ride has a charm for children. In addition, there are many kiddie train rides in diverse fun cartoon designs, such as elephant, clown, and more. Also, the colorful, bright appearance entices kids to have a train ride.

Dodgem car is one of the most popular rides among the public. Everyone can enjoy the collision with other players.

The car surfs on the track in 360-degree rotation. Hence, it seems that passengers are drifting in the car-shaped cockpit.

The chair-gondola is suspended by galvanized chains and wire ropes. As the equipment is in operation, passengers can feel the freedom and happiness from the centrifugal force.

Carnival samba tower ride is a beautiful machine. It has several colorful balloon gondolas. So, riders feel as if they are on a hot air balloon ride.

10 Recommended Thrill Rides for 8000sqm Amusement Park

Disco tagada rides

As the turntable jolts and spins, riders sitting on the tagada turntable carnival ride simultaneously shake their bodies. More importantly, the uncertainty of the motion makes riders more excited.

The crazy dance thrilling carnival ride has a complicated motion. As the chassis rotates, passenger’s cockpits also rotates clockwise or anticlockwise. In the meantime, passengers will rotate around the horizontal axis. Hence, the complex motion makes players more excited.

A turntable slides back and forth along the track. Simultaneously it rotates in circle. Therefore, people riding the flying disco ride seem to be sailing on the sea.

A gyro drop amusement facility is one of the most thrilling rides for many people. Visitors almost drop to the land with the acceleration of gravity, exciting and fun.

Top spin fair attractions do circular motion. In the meantime, the gondola itself does an auto-rotation on its axis. Therefore, passengers feel as if they are travelling in the space due to the weightlessness and vertigo caused by the motion.

Surf’s up

Riding a surf’s up ride for amusement park is distinctly different from other rides. Riders stand on a skateboard-style gondola as if they were surfing on the sea.

A large Ferris wheel attraction is a symbol of a park or a city. It can be the common memory of several generations. So do not forget to invest in a sky wheel ride.

The miami fair equipment has a row of seats on which passengers rotate left and right. As a result, the motion, accompanied by rock music, thrills passengers.

Space roller thrill ride is lifted to a great height and spin like a big windmill. This equipment will get your visitor’s heart pumping and fill your park with screams and laughter!

It falls into the category of rollercoaster ride in small size. Children really love it because of the attractive dragon design and exciting fast speed.

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  • First, we are a professional amusement ride manufacturer and have been in the business for over 20 years. Besides, our company offers you one-stop service. Once you choose us, you won’t have to worry about the park design, ride selection and transportation. We can also send an engineer to your location to help you build 8000sqm amusement park if needed.

  • Second, we are an IAAPA member and we have the necessary certificates such as CE, ISO, etc. So, we guarantee the quality of our rides.

  • Third, we are Longines Watch’s partner, and we customized a Longines carousel for them. So, custom service is available at TR. Contact us and let us know what you want.

  • Fourth, we have rich experience in building parks. Our park clients come from all over the world, such as Belgium, Uzbekistan, Tanzania, USA, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, etc.

  • Finally, you can find a wide variety of amusement rides for sale at our company, including large, thrill rides and fun family rides.

After you build 8000sqm amusement park, remember the park’s promotion and amusement park ride maintenance work. That way your park will have a better popularity and you can make more money from it.

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