A swing tower ride is a large, tall amusement park ride popular with youngsters and adults. It is a cost-effective investment for the entertainment business. If you are about to invest in a swing ride, you should choose a reliable manufacturer that can provide you with several quality types of tower rides. Here are the details on the swing tower rides for sale, for your reference.

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How Does Our Drop Tower Swing Ride for Sale Work?

Swing Tower Amusement Park Thrill Ride
Swing Tower Amusement Park Thrill Ride for Sale

Our tower swing ride is a large outdoor rotary tower amusement ride. It is marketed to both thrill ride enthusiasts and visitors seeking a more family-friendly experience. The park ride consists of a slewing bearing, main structure, traction system, braking system, electrical system and other components. Its main structure generally consists of two-person swing-like chairs and a central tower. On the one hand, our central tower is a steel structure, firm and strong. On the other hand, our chairs are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is durable.

Furthermore, the seat is pulled by a steel wire rope and hung on the edge of a rotating turntable mounted on the central tower. When the turntable reaches the top of the tower, riders can feel the endless fun of centrifugal force from clockwise and anticlockwise rotations, and enjoy the adjacent beautiful landscape with an overhead view. Besides, to keep riders safe, we use safety bars and safety belts to protect them.

4 Tips for Choosing a Flying Tower Ride from Reliable Manufacturers

A drop tower with swings is a must-have, the same as a Ferris wheel amusement machine or a high speed roller coaster at amusement parks and theme parks. The equipment will definitely attract more visitors to your park. The most important thing to do before buying a sky flyer swing attraction is to choose a reliable manufacturer that can give you high quality vertical swing and intimate services. Here are four aspects of the sky flyer fair ride you should be concerned about, for your reference.

The quality of a vertical swing tower directly determines whether its normal operation and its profit. But you don’t have to worry about the quality if you buy the equipment from TR. We use high quality materials such as FRP and international steel to produce the tower ride with swings and drop. And the machine will be tested for several times before delivery. Believe us. We assure you that you will be satisfied with our swing ride for sale.

We are a professional manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience in the research, design, production, and sale of all kinds of amusement rides. And we have our own factory and workshops. So you can get the best swing amusement ride from TR at a reasonable and attractive factory price. Discounts are also available. Don’t wait any longer. Contact us for the latest quote!

Attractive Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Our swing tower rides for sale are painted in a constant temperature and dust-free paint room with professional automobile coating. So the exterior appearance looks bright and glossy. In addition, the chairs, turntable and tower of our ride are equipped with an abundance of colorful LED lights. They are shiny and beautiful at night, making them attractive to visitors. Moreover, the color of the chair and tower is customizable. So feel free to let us know your needs.

Our professional team offers you intimate and sincere pre-sale and after-sale services. We provide you with a sincere pre-sales consultation and a one-year warranty. Meanwhile, life-long technical support is available at TR company. Any problems you encounter with our sky flyer swing, contact us at any time and we will first time solve them.

Buy TR Swing Tower Rides for Sale based on Its Height

A crazy swing ride that drops occupies a large area. So outdoor places such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairs, parks, zoos, scenic spots, beaches, etc., are suitable locations to install a tower carnival ride. To meet the needs of different customers, we have designed several sizes of swing tower rides for sale with different heights and capacities. You can buy a suitable tower ride according to your actual situation. By the way, customized services are available at TR company. So if you want a larger or smaller type, feel free to let us know your needs. Here are three sizes of the park swings for sale for your reference.

How to Install Our Swing Tower Ride after Receiving It?

Insane Sky Flyer Swing for Amusement Park
Insane Sky Flyer Swing for Outdoor Uses

With full consideration for the actual needs of transportation and installation, our tower swing ride for sale is in a split structure. You simply assemble the components based on the installation videos and drawings we send you. Generally, there are six steps to install a swing tower carnival ride. First, prepare the foundation to ensure the stability of the tower ride. Second, install the central tower. Third, install the top decoration. Next, install the rotating gondola and chairs. Then, install the electrical systems and control systems. Finally, test the machine.

The above is the installation process. We can also send an engineer to your location if needed. If you have any questions about our sky swing machine. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Besides swing tower rides for sale, you can also consider other TR tower rides for sale, such as the Samba Tower attraction and the Gyro Drop ride. Contact us for more information about TR amusement rides.

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