Drop towers, also known as drop rides or free-fall rides, use a combination of mechanical, structural, and sometimes electronic systems to operate safely and provide thrills to riders. So what mechanisms are used in drop towers? Here’s a breakdown of some key mechanisms and systems commonly used in amusement park drop towers.

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Mechanical and Structural Components

A giant drop ride uses a cable and pulley system or a chain lift to raise the ride vehicle, powered by an electric motor.

A catch car engages and lifts the ride vehicle to the tower’s summit.

This can be mechanical or electronically controlled, holding and releasing the ride vehicle for the drop.

Restraints such as over-the-shoulder harnesses or lap bars secure riders during the lift and drop. TR free fall tower uses double safety devices, including over-the-shoulder harness and seat belts to protect riders.

The tower is constructed from Q235 steel with guide rails or tracks to direct the ride vehicle.

Some towers use counterweights to aid in lifting the ride vehicle, conserving energy.

Braking and Safety Systems

  • Hydraulic Brakes: Braking system is one of the most critical mechanisms used in drop towers. It helps the free fall amusement ride slow down. In amusement ride industry, braking systems include magnetic brakes, hydraulic brakes, pneumatic brakes, and mechanical brakes. As for TR drop zone ride, it adopts hydraulic brakes. Hydraulic fluid can be used in some drop towers to gently halt the ride vehicle.

  • Emergency Brakes and Safety Systems: Additional safety systems are in place to stop the ride in case of a malfunction.

Braking and Safety Systems

Control System

A computerized system orchestrates lift, release, braking, and safety checks to ensure proper ride timing and operation.

Bounce and Rebound Systems

Some free fall amusement park rides incorporate systems to allow the ride vehicle to bounce or rebound after dropping, for added excitement.

What mechanisms are used in drop towers? Now you should know that. Each of these systems plays an integral role in ensuring that a gyro drop tower operates smoothly and safely, providing riders with an exhilarating free-fall experience while maintaining the highest safety standards.

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