A small carnival ride pirate ship is suitable for both children and adults, and is as popular with the the public as a big pirate ship. To meet the market, TR has designed and produced several types of small pirate rides. And there is no doubt that the equipment is a good investment for you and a fun and safe amusement ride for visitors. Here are the details on the small pirate ship for sale for your reference.

1. 4 Reasons to Invest in a Small Swingign Ship Ride in 2023

  • Attractive
  • Space Saving
  • Wide-application
  • Cost-effective

2. Buy a Small Viking Ship Amusement Ride for Your Business for Kids & Families!

3. Top 2 Sizes of Small Pirate Ships for Sale

  • 16P small pirate ship for sale
  • Mini pirate ship ride

4. TR Top 3 Hot Selling Small Pirate Ship Styles

  • Dragon ship amusement ride
  • Ice-themed pirate ship
  • Trailer pirate ship for sale

5. What Are the Special Features of TR Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale?

  • Exquisite technology
  • High quality
  • High safety
  • Attractive designs
  • Custom service
  • Diverse functions

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Worth the investment

4 Reasons to Invest in a Small Swinging Ship Ride in 2023

If you are about to take advantage of some modern amusement rides to attract tourists and get a steady stream of income from them, a small pirate ship for sale must be a great option!

People of All Ages Ride on Pirate Ship Amusement Park Thrill Ride

Buy a Small Viking Ship Amusement Ride for Your Business for Kids & Families!

Compared to our large swinging boat amusement park ride, which are generally suitable for teenagers and adults, our small pirate ship for sale is well received by children and families.

Popular Modern Small Pirate Ships for Sale

As you know, for parents, they will certainly choose carnival rides that are safe for their kids to ride. And in fact, we specifically designed the small Viking ship amusement ride, especially a mini one, for families. Both the running speed and height of the equipment are suitable for children. By the way, with the surrounding scenery, colorful lights and beautiful music, it will make the child feel like they are venturing into a mysterious country, which is appealing to people of all ages. Therefore, such money-making equipment is certainly worth investing in. Don’t hesitate any longer. Buy one and start your business as soon as possible!

Adults & Kids

Top 2 Sizes of Small Pirate Ships for Sale

To meet different customer’s needs, we divide our small pirate ships for sale into a 16-passenger pirate ship ride for sale and a mini pirate ship ride for sale according to their size.

Different Types of Pirate Ships for Theme Park

16P small pirate ship for sale

The swing angle of our 16-passenger pirate ship boat ride is around 45 degrees. It is thrilling but safe because of its design principles. In addition, we equip the ride with safety belts and safety bars to keep passengers safe. Riders will get an intermittent sense of weightlessness as the pirate boat ride swings back and forth around the horizontal axis from slow to fast. And they an get a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding scenery as they reach the peak of their motion, same as riding a fancy Ferris wheel. Such a thrilling amusement attraction will give families an unforgettable experience and entice them to ride again.

16-seat Pendulum Pirate Ship for Sale

Mini pirate ship ride

Our mini pirate ship ride for sale is also known as a childs pirate ship. It is capable of carrying eight or twelve children. Plus, it is exciting enough but safe for kids to ride. Therefore, both parents and children will fall in love with it. More importantly, due to its small size, this small pirate ship pendulum ride is suitable for any place such as amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, shopping malls, parks, fairgrounds, backyards, stores, funfairs, schools, and any indoor and outdoor places. Also, it is easy to install a mini rocking boat ride. So, it’s convenient to move it from one location to another and start your business.

Thrill Mini Pirate Ship Ride for Kids

TR Top 3 Hot Selling Small Pirate Ship Styles

Each size of our small pirate ship for sale is available in many designs and styles. You can find a vintage boat ride, Viking pirate ship, dragon pirate ship ride, ice-themed Viking ship amusement ride, jungle rocking boat ride, and more. These different types of pirate ships are equipped with different decorations. And if needed, we can customize a unique design as you request. The following are three TR hot selling small funfair swing boats for sale for your reference.

It is a new design for a ship ride. We equip each end of the boat with a vivid dragon head ornament. So our ride looks majestic and attractive. By the way, our dragon small coaster also has a dragon design.

We design this modern pirate ship equipment for the little ones in a family. It is blue and white in appearance. Besides, we decorate it with some snow-flakes. Kids riding the ship feel as if they are in an ice kingdom.

If you run a mobile business, we advise you on our trailer pirate ship for sale. It is one of the portable amusement rides for sale. Also, it is a type of mini pirate ship ride, but a little different from the usual one. This portable amusement ride has wheels and lifting hydraulic legs. And you can simply move it anywhere else with a pirate ship trailer. Therefore, this small pirate ship for sale is a great option for temporary events such as carnivals, parties, fairs, anniversaries, etc.

What Are the Special Features of TR Small Pirate Ship Ride for Sale?

We assure you that you will never regret investing in a high quality TR small-size pirate ship ride for sale. It is highly cost effective and well worth the investment.

Exquisite technology

Paint Room

High quality

High Quality Viking Boat Ride

High safety

Mini Pirate Ship Ride with Safe Belts

Attractive designs

Different Types of Mini Pirate Ship Rides

Custom service

Customer Visit to TR Company

Diverse functions

Test Run of Amusement Park Pirate Ship at TR Factory

To sum up, our small pirate ship for sale is worth the investment. It is suitable for almost any indoor and outdoor location. By the way, if you are about to build a park, we can provide you with professional free CAD park designs and advice on what rides to buy to match your park theme. Don’t hesitate any longer! Feel free to contact us at any time!

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