Start Your Park Business with List of Thrill Rides

If you are about to build an amusement park for people of all ages, thrill rides will be indispensable to your park. Here’s a list of thrill rides for park business for your reference. You can choose appropriate amusement park thrilling rides for sale to suit your needs.

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Flying-tower Thrill Rides for Amusement Park

Passenger gondolas for this type of ride are suspended by flexible parts. And as it lifts and descends, it rotates around the vertical axis at the same time. Therefore, our Samba Tower amusement equipment, Swing Tower machine and Drop Tower amusement facility fall into this category. Furthermore, the Frog Hopper thrill ride for kids is also a type of a flying-tower ride.

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Coaster Rides for Park Business

It is a type of amusement facility that the passenger gondola slides uncontrollably along a rigid track after obtaining a certain kinetic energy or potential energy. The most typical coaster ride is a roller coaster ride for park. Also, the Disk O Magic amusement equipment and the Surf’s Up funfair ride are coaster rides.

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Space-gyro Fair Thrill Rides

They are amusement facilities with gyroscopes and similar forms of motion, in which the passenger part rotates around an axis with a variable inclination angle. In addition to the Disco Tagada, our Trabant amusement attraction also falls into the category of space-gyro thrill ride.

Unique Design Thrill Tagada Ride for Sale

Wonder Wheel Thrilling Amusement Park Rides

A wonder wheel ride rotates around a horizontal axis. According to this motion characteristic, we have wonder wheel thrill rides, such as the Ferris Wheel attraction, Pirate Ship equipment, Miami amusement facility, and Crazy Bus entertainment equipment.

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Merry-go-round Crazy Thrill Rides for Business

For this type of thrill ride, it rotates, as a whole, around a vertical axis. And our thrill park rides, such as the Energy Storm carnival ride for sale, the Break Dance equipment, and the Crazy Dance machine, all belong to it.

Energy Storm Thrill Park Ride

Auto-control Fighter Carnival Thrill Rides

For this type of ride, the cockpit rotates around the central vertical axis and lifts up and down. So. our Techno Jump belongs to this category.

Extreme Techno Jump Machine for Park

List of Other Thrill Theme Park Equipment

Some amusement park thrilling rides with multiple motions do not belong to a single category, so we call them other rides. In addition to the Frisbee amusement attraction for sale, the Top Spin facility also falls into the category. Moreover, the Space Roller carnival equipment also have several movements.

All Kinds of Amusement Rides from TR

The above is a general list of thrill rides for park business. All of them are available at our company. In addition to amusement park thrill rides, you can also buy fun family rides from TR. We produce more than one hundred of amusement rides. So, if you are interested in our products, contact us for a product catalogue and a free quote! We also provide you with free CAD park designs.

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We have different types of thrill rides including high speed roller coaster, romantic Ferris wheel, swinging pirate ship, extreme pendulum frisbee, crazy Jump and Smile ride, vibrant disco tagada, crazy wave miami ride, top scan ride, kinds of tower rides, fun trabant amusement ride for sale, etc.

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