A Ferris wheel ride is universal in many amusement places or events including carnivals, amusement parks, city centers, theme parks, fairs, parks, playgrounds, shopping squares, and the like. It is undoubtedly one of the classic amusement rides that is popular with people of all ages from all over the world. If you have an idea of adding more fun to your park, consider this romantic entertainment equipment! Here are popular types of Ferris wheel in 2023 for your reference.

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Popular Kids Ferris Wheel — Small Version of Classic Amusement Park Wheel

Popular Kids Ferris Wheel — Small Version of Classic Amusement Park Wheel

A kiddie Ferris wheel for sale is also called a mini Ferris wheel or a backyard Ferris wheel for sale. This kiddie ride is suitable for almost any place due to its small size. So investors who run a mall business or mobile business prefer this type of Ferris wheel. Lately we made a deal with a mall manager from America. He wanted a mall Ferris wheel, so we advised him on a mini Ferris wheel ride. Finally our customer chose a type of Ferris wheel kiddie ride from the product catalog and he was happy with our entertainment equipment.

Generally, three types of Ferris wheel kiddie ride are available at our company, a single-side children’s Ferris wheel for sale, a double-side small scale Ferris wheel, and a portable Ferris wheel. Each type has different designs and colors. Warmly welcome your inquiries.

single-side ferris wheel

double-side ferris wheel

portable ferris wheel

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Medium Sized Popular Carnival Ferris Wheel

As for a medium sized round wheel ride, its height generally ranges from 20m to 46m. In addition to the usual type of a wheel ride you see in an amusement park, we also produce new style Ferris wheel in this size. Gondolas of a new fashioned wheel ride are colorful and semi-closed, looking similar to hot-air balloons. Moreover, there is an attractive decoration fixed on the wheel center. And you can choose your favorite decoration, such as a flower, a sun, a starfish and a moon.

Giant Wheel Ride for Outdoor Use

The device height of a usual huge Ferris wheel manufactured in our factory ranges from 50m to 88m. And if needed, we can also design and produce a larger wheel ride as your requirements, provided that your request is feasible. So feel free to let us know your needs. Besides, as for a big Ferris wheel, it is suitable for outdoor use, such as amusement park, scenic spots, city centers. Passengers sitting in the closed gondolas can appreciate the beautiful scenery around them through the clear glass.

Amusement Park Giant Ferris Wheel Attraction

All in all, if there is a big Ferris wheel in the place of your business, this romantic amusement ride will certainly be the anchor attraction and appeal many tourists to patronize it. It will be a place of proposal for lovers, a place of spending the family time, a place for friends to enjoy themselves, and a place for tourists to get a bird’s-eye view of the city. Besides, a mini Ferris wheel is the optimal choice if you have a limited business area or want to install it indoors like a shopping mall. And the small version of a classic wheel ride will be most popular with kiddies.

Now are you consider buying a proper wheel ride for your business? We warmly welcome your inquiries so feel free to contact us and let us know your needs. In our factory, a wide variety of Ferris wheel rides are available. And the popular types of Ferris wheel in 2023 mentioned above are good choices that you can consider.

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