The break dance ride produced by our company is a new type of thrill ride that is popular with the public and investors. It is a combination of an energy storm and a wipeout ride, with unique movement and attractive design. Hence, you will not have to worry about the foot traffic if your business has such thrill rides for sale. Furthermore, wherever the break dance attraction is installed, it will certainly be a special part of the venue! Here are the details on TR breakdance ride for sale for your reference.

  • How Does a Break Dance Fair Ride Work?
  • How Do Our Breakdance Amusement Ride Keep Your Customers Safe?
  • Two Sizes of Break Dance Ride for Sale for Your Carnival Business
  • Is Our Break Dance Ride Price within Your Expectations?
  • Why Buy Break Dance Attraction from TR?
  • Where Can You Strat a Business with Breakdance Ride?
  • Break Dance Ride VS Crazy Dance Carnival Ride
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How Does a Break Dance Fair Ride Work?

As a type of spinning ride, do you know why a break dance ride has a unique movement when it is in operation that is different from the motion of other spinning rides for sale, such as a hammer ride or a carnival swing ride? Well, it depends on the design of the cabin.

Quality Cabins of Crazy Dance Ride
Customized Thrill Breakdance Ride for Sale
Quality Cabins of Crazy Dance Ride
Customized Thrill Breakdance Ride for Sale

In terms of the main structure of the breakdance amusement ride, it has a big reticulated steel turntable as the chassis of the machine and three units of cabins connected to the turntable. As the turntable rotates, the supporting arms of the cabin unit oppositely spin in the meantime. Moreover, cabins of the break dance equipment are suspended, similar to a top spin ride. Besides, the turntable itself has a slightly curved surface. Therefore, the cabin itself will rotate 360 degrees around a slightly inclined horizontal axis due to inertia.

How Do Our Breakdance Amusement Ride Keep Your Customers Safe?

The safety of equipment and riders is likely to be the top concern for buyers before they make up their minds to buy thrill rides for sale. Is that also your concern? If so, you need not worry about the question. During production, we strictly follow production requirements and use double safety precautions to ensure the quality of our break dance ride.

By the way, to give a better experience to your customers, it is not recommended for children under 1m to ride the break dance fair ride for safety reasons.

Double safety precautions

To keep passengers safe while riding our breakdance ride for sale, we equip each seat with double safety precautions. One is a safety belt, the other a shoulder harness for amusement rides. With double safety precautions, riders can devote themselves to the exciting, happy and memorable experience. Most importantly, a good customer experience can increase the popularity of your business.

Standardized production process

As a thrill ride manufacturer, we have a professional R&D team. And our experienced technicians manufacture quality break dance equipment step by step, strictly following the production requirements and drawings. Moreover, we strictly test products at all stages, from the material, to the production. You can trust us, and our quality breakdance for sale attracts visitors with no doubt.

Two Sizes of Break Dance Ride for Sale for Your Carnival Business

To meet the different needs of our customers, we have designed and produced two sizes of amusement break dance ride, an 18-seat break dance carnival ride and a 24-seat breakdance ride for sale. Here are the details on the machines of both capacities.

To sum up, these two sizes of breakdance ride for sale are the best options for investors. But if you want a break dance ride with a larger capacity, simply feel free to contact us. We can customize the color, size and capacity to suit your needs.

Customer Feedback of Break Dance Ride

Is Our Break Dance Ride Price within Your Expectations?

When looking for a cost-effective break dance ride, quality and price are usually the two main factors to consider.

Delivery of Break Dance Ride Crazy Dance Ride

  • Do you know what quality amusement rides on the market are made from? Totally speaking, the two main materials are FRP and steel. To ensure the quality of our break dance equipment, we produce FRP by ourselves. The thickness of our FRP is around 5 mm, which is durable and firm. In addition, we buy national standard Q235 steel for the main frame of the whole machine.

  • As for the break dance ride price, it ranges from $19,000 to $32,000. Because the different types and capacities of breakdance ride for sale certainly differ in the price. But what we can assure you is that the price of our break dance ride is reasonable, attractive and competitive because we are a manufacturer and there is no agency fee. Hence, it’s better for you to talk directly to a manufacturer. Also, the price range of our break dance attraction is not the final transaction price. That’s because our company does a few product promotions every year. In these days, the break dance ride price is lower. Also, the more amusement rides you order, the bigger the discount we can give you.

Why Buy Break Dance Attraction from TR?

As a professional amusement ride manufacturer with over twenty years of experience, we assure you that you will be satisfied with our breakdance ride for sale. Here are six reasons to choose us.

We have our own factory with an area of 3,500 square meters. In our factory, there are separate workshops for cutting the steel, producing FRP, painting rides, etc. Also, we have a double-storey exhibition hall. And we warmly welcome customers to visit our factory for guidance. Indeed, we have sold our amusement rides to buyers from all over the world, such as America, Russia, Britain, India, Brazil, Egypt, Italy, Spain, etc. So, don’t worry about the distance between us. We will transport our break dance ride to the nearest port to you.

We use superior quality fiber reinforced plastic and international standard steel as the materials. After welding the steel frame, we use magnetic particle testing to ensure that there are no defects on the surface. Also, the motor of our break dance attraction features high work efficiency, low noise and is environmentally friendly. Thanks to quality materials and exquisite technology, our break dance equipment can last for at least 12 years. Don’t you want a cost-effective carnival ride like this?

With colorful, bright paint and dazzling LED lights, the extreme breakdance amusement ride will certainly be a special part of the venue! Whether you are about to hold a carnival, build a park, or add fun to the streets, this type of thrill ride is a great choice! The enthralling ride movement entices passers-by to try to ride the break dance for sale! In addition, with dynamic music and constant rotary movements, passengers feel as if they are traveling through space.

Customized Breakdance Ride

We have break dance attractions with different center decorations for customers, including diamonds, rockets, robots, and more. If you want other center decorations, it’s also possible for us. Give us the decoration design so that we can make a new mould according to your requirements. But it takes time and money to produce a new mould. So we recommend that you to choose one type of break dance ride in our product catalog. But if you simply want to customize the color and add a logo to the ride, we are free to make it for you.

TR is not only a manufacturer, but also a foreign trade company. We research, design, produce and sell more than a hundred kinds of amusement rides. So if you choose us, you will get an all-round service. Our sales team provides intimate and professional services for you, solving any questions you have about our products, following the order process and updating you. Besides, we have a one-year warranty and lifetime technical support for the breakdance ride for sale. You can trust us with no doubt.

The structure of our break dance carnival ride is simple, because it has only a steel chassis, several cabins and a center decoration. After testing and debugging the equipment, we disassemble the big ride into several parts for ease of delivery. But it’s also easy to assemble the machine thanks to its simple structure. So don’t worry about it. Just follow the installation steps according to the drawings and instruction manual we send you. If you have any questions about our break dance equipment, feel free to contact us at any time. Also, if needed, we can also send engineers to your location to help you with the installation.

Where Can You Start a Business with Breakdance Ride?

Do you buy amusement rides for business? If so, don’t wait any more, our break dance equipment is worth the investment. Whether you are going to build a park for a permanent business or participate in temporary activities such as fairs or carnivals, a break dance ride can be a great option for your business. As you know, although the break dance carnival ride is a type of large ride, it has a simple structure. So, the installation and disassembly is easy.

Also, the height of the device is not as high as a large Ferris wheel for sale. Therefore, it is suitable not only for outdoor places such as pedestrian streets and residential areas, but also suitable for indoor places such as shopping malls and indoor playgrounds.

What’s more, due to the design of the equipment, there is no need to lay a foundation. Hence, if you find that there is no heavy foot traffic in one location, you can conveniently move the break dance fair ride to another venue. Also, you can start a break dance ride business in your city and then rent these fun, attractive rides to other business people.

Break Dance Ride VS Crazy Dance Carnival Ride

Crazy dance ride, also known as magic dance ride, looks similar to break dance ride. Both the two thrill rides for sale fall into the merry-go-round amusement category and are popular with both youngsters and adults. But they are still two different types of thrill rides for sale. Here are the similarities and differences between them.

Thrill Crazy Dance Ride for Carnival


The chassis of both the amusement break dance ride and the crazy dance fair ride is a big turntable made of quality steel. Besides, for a 18-people breakdance for sale, there are three groups of cabins mounted on the turntable. Each group has three two-people gondolas. So is our crazy dance ride. In addition, both rides are available in an 18-seater and a 24-seater model. Thanks to the capacity, they can entertain people of many different ages at the same time.

Moreover, the crazy dance ride has a similar motion to the breakdance for sale. As the turntable spins in one direction, the cabin groups simultaneously gyrate in the opposite direction. So when riding one of these two types of amusement park thrill ride, passengers feel as if they are traveling through space.

More importantly, no matter whether it’s a crazy dance carnival ride or a break dance attraction, it’s worth investing in. With dynamic music, dazzling LED lights and various movements, they are two of the game sets that appeal to adults and young people alike. So no doubt that they can be a special part of the venue!


You know the cabins of breakdance rides are suspended like those of the top spin rides. Besides, they rotate around a horizontal axis due to the inertial forces. But as for a crazy dance ride, the cabins are mounted on supporting arms. So, passengers won’t rotate by inertial force. But the arm itself can lift passengers at an angle, thanks to pistons fitted beneath it. That’s the biggest difference between the two rides.

Different Types of Crazy Carnival Ride

To sum up, breakdance ride for sale is a type of amusement park thrill ride, safe for people of all ages to try. It is exciting and fun, and popular with the public. Besides, you can start a business with TR extreme break dance for sale at any indoor and outdoor place with the appropriate capacity and size. And you will not have to worry about foot traffic. Don’t hesitate; buy now! We warmly welcome your inquiries at any time.

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