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What do you call the seats on a Ferris wheel? The seats on a Ferris wheel are commonly referred to as “gondolas”, “cabins” or “capsules.” These terms describe the passenger compartments where riders sit during the ride. A thrill ride manufacturer is capable of producing gondolas in different size and style. Besides, the design of the gondolas often depends on the size and intended use of the Ferris wheel.

  • Some are simple, bench-like open-air seats with safety restraints. Smaller Ferris wheel that is designed for children really use this type of gondolas.

  • Whereas others are fully enclosed, climate-controlled capsules that can offer more comfort and security. Big Ferris wheel that is often available in amusement parks or city parks really adopts this kind of more elaborate capsules to provide passengers with panoramic views. Famous London Eye use this kind of capsule.

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